Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Self-proclaimed control freak!

Okay, I admit it-I watched the clock all morning at preschool until I could dismiss my students and meet David and his Prek class at Hungry Mother Park for their field trip. I let him ride on the bus with the class but I assured the teachers I would meet them there when preschool was over.

I know the teachers watch him closely and love him, but the control freak that I am made it hard for me to relax until I could get out there. They spent the day at the park to study the leaves, cook their own lunch over an open fire, roast marshmellows, and play in tents that were set up. I could just see David stumbling into the campfire or running towards the lake.

As I pulled up I was humbled by the fact that most of my fears were not even feasible. For one, the water had been drained from the lake and the open campfire that I was so horrified to think about was actually raised off the ground and was guarded at all times by an adult. My other fear was that David would just wander off into the woods and be lost forever. It never occurred to me until I saw it with my own eyes that David was having way too much fun to go anywhere. He had a ball and it was so amazing to watch him with his peers that it almost made me forget that he had just eaten a very cheap and sketchy hotdog that I do not think was cooked completely!!!!

God uses days like today to remind me that He loves David way more than I do and that He watches over him at all times. While I was finishing my preschool day and totally fretting for David's safety, he was safe under God's watchful eyes. It was a humbling lesson for me today:) I just had to share some pictures of David's first big boy field trip!

Here he is enjoying his smore. He liked it but much preferred just the chocolate!

David roasting his hot dog over the open fire:)

David peeking out of one of the tents that was set up for playing and reading stories.

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  1. What a FUN field trip:)! Those pictures of his sweet face brightened my day - I hope you both had lots of fun!