Monday, February 3, 2014

Basketball, Church, and Memaw

This weekend was a wee bit of a whirlwind. We headed out early Saturday morning to head to Pulaski for Kyle to play with our 7th grade Hornets team. The first two games were rough with some stiff competition, but later Saturday night they played their hearts out and rocked the house. Sports teaches that valuable life lesson of never giving up.

David also had an Upward hoops game this weekend. He LOVES playing and being on a team. He once again made another basket which thrilled him. 
He is super competitive and loves to run his mouth to Daddy the referee!  It is terrible sportsmanship and once again he did not get the Christ-like star for being a good sport, but it is hilarious!!!
The excitement at this game was that Kyle helped out Mike refereeing the game!  Kyle knows basketball and was a natural to jump in and help.  Here are my two referee guys praying with the teams before the game. Upward refereeing is VERY different and involves more herding cattle and teaching versus calling fouls:) 
This weekend in between games we were able to visit with my Memaw who is still in the nursing home under hospice care.  She is SO ready to go home to Jesus and has lamented many times that she does not know why she is having to suffer so.  It is heart breaking to think that she is so miserable but she really is.  I had a few moments alone with her the other day and it was precious to me. 
My Memaw is not a "huggy kissy" kind of gal.  She is practical and very smart.  She was leaning over her food tray sitting up to try to breathe better and I held her hand for a few minutes.  She then shared with me that she is proud of me and that I am a good Momma.  She knows her days here are limited and she said that even though she is ready to go she is sad she will not see David grow up.  She said that she was proud of me that we are raising our children in church and I told her that she is one of the reasons that my children know and love Jesus.
My grandma raised my Dad and his two siblings in church.  For at least ten years (maybe even longer) my Dad did not miss ONE Sunday morning Sunday School.  For ten straight years my Dad and his family went to Sunday school and church-often catching the city bus to get there!  That is kind of mind boggling to think that my Dad never missed church!  He and my Mom both have a strong faith and raised me and my brother Chad in church, and now I am just doing what is natural in my family.  Mike and I both take church attendance seriously and we take the biblical message of training up our children seriously. 
Selfishly I want her to get better and stay here longer to tell us more about the "peach man" and her days as a mother and wife.  I want her to feel better and be able to go home to her house again.  Considering her age and her heart function at this time, that is not likely to happen.  Just like I told her the other day, because we both know and love Jesus we WILL see each other again soon.  She will have a perfect heart, David will not have the scars from his battle with cancer, and hopefully my belly will not hurt in Heaven.  We will be reunited on the streets of gold.  My heart hurts because she is suffering so and because her days here are so limited, but the sting that is now, is nothing compared to the eternity that we will be together again with Jesus.  Because of Him hard and sad times such as this, and death truly lose their sting!! 

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