Friday, February 14, 2014

Clinic news

We let the roads thaw out a little and when the sunshine came out we hit the road to UVA. Mike and Kyle stayed back so Pops joined us on this road trip.  We took Valentine cookies to clinic to share with the staff because we love them all so much.

When we got to clinic I mentioned to Margie the nurse practitioner and Dr. Belyea that Dave mentions being tired often.  Because David received a lot of chemo and one that is known to cause heart problems, they decided to do an echocardiogram to check his heart.  We had to "encourage" David to get that echo and a trip to the toy box did the trick.  When his beautiful heart came on the screen he said "where is God because he is in my heart," I just about cried right then. This kid may have a significant cognitive disability but that is so sweet and smart that he knows that God is in his heart and looked for him on that echo monitor :)

After lots of socializing and craziness by David, we drew labs and then headed to Dave's favorite Cville eatery- Cici's pizza.  While eating Dr B called and shared that his labs were off today.  His creatinine which shows if his remaining kidney is happy and functioning, was way high today.  His potassium, sodium, and BUN were also elevated.  Of course I am nervous and my brain goes straight to kidney failure.

Dr Belyea told me not to worry that it truly could be a lab fluke.  He is also conscientious enough to reach out to our local pediatrician to make a plan to redo labs locally next week.  This is where our faith comes in.  It is so easy to go into panic mode.  He has had a lot of toxic chemo that can hurt organs, but I just have to stop and remember.  God has walked with us each step of this journey, and he is too faithful to walk away now.  We will just wait in faith until labs can be rechecked Monday.  We would be appreciative of prayers that today was just a fluke and that his labs are holding steady.

We are staying here overnight and waiting to have fun tomorrow with the clinic staff and other families at the Dance Marathon!!  We love this event so much and clinic staff and families have been practicing a flash mob dance.  We are going to totally rock it tomorrow! Thank you dear friends for your prayers and love.

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  1. Laura,
    The UVA cardiologist are the best-daughter has had two open heart surgeries-one at UVA and the other one in Boston. I watch with an eagle eyes each time daughter has an echo. Prayers for David.