Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Friends and Love

When David was battling cancer there were MANY prayer warriors back here is beautiful Southwest Virginia praying and rooting for him.  It has been our joy and honor to meet in person some of the awesome people that have followed David's journey and this blog. 

Tonight david and I had a date to a local high school girls basketball game to cheer on sweet and beautiful Kayleigh in a huge basketball game for her team.  She is Jason's niece so David was pretty pumped up to see Jason!

The girls won in OVERTIME by one point and we cheered our guts out!  David even got Jason to do spirit fingers while the girls were shooting foul shots.  Only David could get grown men to twinkle their fingers in the air!!!  I love it!  Jason and Ashley were our rocks on those first scary and sad days after diagnosis and it has been such a joy to connect with Jason's family. 
Here is the beautiful Kayleigh and the sweet sign we made to cheer her on at the game.  Back in the fall, her volleyball team would break huddle with "David" to remind them to give it their all and to play hard just like he fought cancer.  When Kayleigh's Mom, Tessa, told me that I got the biggest lump in my throat.  It continues to amaze and overwhelm us in a good way how this whole area was rooting and praying for our boy.  We are also thankful to know that many are still praying!
Kayleigh, you and your teammates rocked tonight!  I only yelled once at the ref which is pretty good for me!  Ha!  You ladies gave it your all and it was such an honor to meet you and to cheer for you.  Thank you for praying for our boy and for loving him.  Whether you continue to win or lose you will go down in our book as a true winner!  David said on the way home that "Kayleigh is pretty!"  You are pretty on the inside and out! Good luck tomorrow night-wish we could be there but that game is past our bedtime!  :)

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