Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Sweet Girl and the Bible

This has been the most low key weekend we have had in a long while.  Poor Kyle is still battling the nasty norovirus that hit him Friday morning in the wee hours.  It has been a harsh bug on our buddy, but he is slowly on the mend. 

I finally dumped some pictures off of my camera and I was stunned to see through these pictures that our baby is growing up.  We will be signing this sweet girl up for kindergarten in the next few weeks which is exciting and sad all at the same time. 
Here she is at her preschool Valentine party.  Her heart is as sweet as her smile!  She is at the precious helpful stage and we love it! 

Another milestone for her is that we just signed her up for Tball!!!  She is so excited and she kept Mike out in the yard for a long time yesterday practicing!  This will be Kyle's last year in Little League and this will be Hope's first!  We are looking into David playing Challenger Baseball through Little League.  Mike and I both chuckled that we can't believe we have a Tballer again.  We feel a little old to be back in the Tball rank, but we are excited!

Being home so much this weekend has allowed us to finish up The Bible on DVD that was on last spring on TV.  We watched parts of it then but we have really enjoyed watching it all within a short time period now.  It is simply awesome.  Kyle watched the least because he is so tender-hearted that he cannot stand violence at all.  David watched every. single. minute of it.  I will admit that I had to leave the room during the Crucifixion. 

It still boggles my mind what Jesus endured on that cross.  He did it out of His love for me and for you.  Watching this mini-series reminded me of the night many years ago (spring of 1996 if my math is right) when Jesus tugged at my heart during an evening church service at Calvary Baptist Church in Radford.  Because of a dumb boy, I was feeling so down on myself and so unworthy.  I remember I was wearing brown slacks and a creme sweater and I was trying hard not to cry because of the same dumb boy during church. 

Jesus was tugging on my heart reminding me that I am worth so much to Him because He created me.  I felt peace, love, and warmth all over my body and I knew right then I would never be the same.  I had no idea the ride that Jesus was going to take me on, but that night in my heart and in my head I surrendered my heart to him. 

Let me clarify that I am a sinner.  Just because I gave my heart to Jesus back in 1996 does not mean that I am perfect or that I do not sin.  I said a curse word just this morning in the shower when I hit my head on the shampoo holder.  I roll my eyes at my husband, I indulge in small town gossip every once in a while, and I can be righteous. 

But I love my Jesus.  I love the peace and the grace that He extends to me every single day.  He knows me and He loves me anyway.  I was so emotional watching the Bible because of my love and apprecation for Jesus.  That night in 1996 He pulled me out of my teenage pit of boy drama and has been rescuing me every since.  He brought Mike into my life, He has blessed us with three children when we thought that we would maybe not be able to conceive one child, and we have all grown closer to Him.  We have felt his presence during the happiest moments of our life and also the scariest.  His power is certainly made perfect in our weakness. 

I am just a girl that walked into an evening church service in 1996 with a sad heart over a dumb boy and walked out a changed woman.  I am not even sure my parents knew that I had even accepted Christ that night.  I had been baptized when I was 12, but that night when my heart was broken over a silly boy, I realized that magnitude and the need for Jesus in my life.  I am so glad that I did:) 

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