Monday, March 9, 2015


We have really had an action packed last few days.  Last Friday we had a snow day again (and we so hope it will be our last one) so we headed to Radford so the wreath queen, GG, could help me make a spring wreath.  My thought is that if I start decorating for spring the snow will stop and the sun will come out! 

I painted this cross last Easter and used my Cricut to put the words on it using vinyl.  This year with GG's help, I made it into a wreath using burlap, those purple flowers and I made the polka dot bow to go on it.  We had a fun crafting day with three generations-my Mom, me and sweet Hope.  Hope loves a craft store just as much as I do!!

Saturday morning was a fun morning spent with friends at a birthday party.  This picture is hilarious and terrible, but Hope had fun with some old preschool pals at a party where there were two bounce houses! 

After the birthday party and then a quick wedding shower for a friend, I loaded the church bus to head to Johnson City with some friends to see Chris Tomlin! My friend Sarah drove us and she did a great job! 

Before the concert we had reservations at Bonefish Grille which was amazing.  This was my lobster bisque soup that I loved.  I am already planning a return visit soon to this yummy place! The fellowship was sweet and the food was awesome. 

I adore Christian concerts.  There is nothing better to me than spending an evening worshipping with friends.  Mike is not a concert kind of guy so I often go with friends from church. 

Chris Tomlin rocked the house! The music was amazing and we danced, praised, and sang our guts out.  I jokingly said the next concert I will wear tank top and shorts we got so hot!  Between the fellowship on the bus, the yummy meal, and wonderful worship it was a great Saturday night. 

Sunday was just as busy and I was dragging from my late concert night!  I came home after midnight which was really after 1 a.m. because of daylight savings time.  I am a little old to be out past midnight:) After church, David had his upward game.  He loves it so  much. 

Sunday was youth day at upward and all the youth did jobs to help the game day go smoothly.  Mike and Kyle refereed David's game and I was watching Kyle out there with his Dad wondering where the time has gone? 

We couldn't miss Dave in those hideous neon green socks!  Dave has his own fashion style:)

The youth even did the halftime devotional and here is my sweet youth reading his part. 

After church and upward basketball David and Hope headed to church for musical practice.  The kids are putting on a musical for Mother's Day based on Shadrach, Meschach and Abendago called It's Cool in the Furnace.  They are so excited!  (GG and Pops if you are reading this, put Mother's Day on your calendar)!
After the musical practice Mike came and picked up the little kids and Kyle and I stayed at church for a mission tip meeting.  It blessed me to think that church offers our family so many opportunities to serve and learn.  I am so thankful that children and youth are seen as a priority at church. 
Kyle and I stayed for a mission trip meeting and I am not sure who is more excited-me or Kyle?! We were originally headed to South Dakota to serve on the indian reservation.  Because time was short and the funds needed were large, the group decided to put that trip off until next year.  So this year, we are headed to Clarksville, Georgia to work and serve in a Hispanic community.  We will be doing home repairs and....... providing a bible school to the children!  My Spanish is rusty but my heart is open and ready for this.  Kyle is unsure what to expect he is just excited and a little nervous.  Kyle will have Spanish 1 next year so what a great opportunity for him! 

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