Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crazy yet Blessed

Crazy yet blessed would be the best way to describe the last few days. 

This little girl had her follow-up checkup with her cardiologist and amazingly the little VSD (tiny hole in her lower chamber of her heart) has closed up!!!  The cardiologist released her from seeing him and her heart is now healed by God!  The EKG was not her favorite but she was a good little patient:)  We have known about this since her birth and frankly the last few years David's cancer has kind of trumped this VSD in her heart.  We have prayed it would close and blessedly it has. 
This is the picture of true friendship.  I signed up for a 5K for Wytheville Community College and roped Misty into doing it with me.  It was a FRIGID 23 degrees but we did it and we finished second and third in our age group!  In full disclosure I must admit there were only three in our age group:) 

After the 5K, we watched Kyles 8th grade Hornets team play their last game.  Mike has coached these boys for five years and he is really going to miss these guys.  Thankfully we will get to keep cheering them on in their high school careers but we have really been blessed with some great memories. 
After the last game, we headed to church Saturday night for the coffee house to benefit the youth group and our summer mission trip.  It was amazing!  There were decadent desserts, local coffee, and some amazing talent!  Here is Bryan singing some Beatles tunes.  I am not a baker but I did manage to make some peanut butter brownie cups. 

David of course loved the desserts and sweets and somehow sweet talked Victoria into letting him take a "piece" of cake home with him!  Look how huge!!!  Not only do we have some wonderful talent at church, but we have some wonderful dessert makers as well. 

This afternoon after church we had our annual Down Syndrome Easter egg hunt!  I had this cutie in preschool last year and it was awesome to see her again!  She is adorable and full of spunk and personality. 

Of course Angie had to get in on the picture as well!  Angie is the life of any party!  She is hilarious!!  She was talking about her hot new boyfriend and her love of the show Dance Moms.  She and I are close in age and I love me some Angie!!  Our Down Syndrome events are the best party in town. 

Not only should you notice David's outfit of choice -red shorts and burgundy basketball jersey, but notice that big brother Kyle was helping him find eggs.  Kyle was sweet and patient enough to not only hide the eggs, but then follow after David carrying his basket for him. 

The lighting in this picture is terrible but here is a picture of our gang! We are so blessed with awesome families in our Down Syndrome group. 

This picture makes me smile.  At our Down Syndrome events, we always have awesome food and today we had sandwiches, brownies, jello jigglers, and ice cream sundaes!  Mike and Caroline sat and chatted for the longest time about life.  She is a 7th grader like Kyle and she is precious.  She told Mike that her boyfriend is his son!  Kyle and Caroline has been together since kindergarten and I love to hear Kyle tell us Caroline stories from school. 
The last few days have been full of activities but between Hope's awesome news from the cardiologist, to our egg hunt with our awesome Down Syndrome group, basketball, a chilly 5K, church, and the awesome coffee house at church we are blessed.  God is so very good.

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