Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring and Challenger Update

We are certainly enjoying the spring-like temperatures here in Virginia!  We have  been busy with spring sports starting.  The huge news around our house is that Challenger baseball is coming together.  My cup runneth over thinking that in a few short weeks children that would never get the opportunity to play ball will be taking the field!!

Our fields are being upgraded now to accommodate wheelchairs and to make our entire field handicapped accessible!  We have been blessed by God and by some awesome community boards, non-profits groups, and some awesome individuals to raise a significant amount of money to upgrade our fields!  If you are local and want to become a buddy to a special needs child to assist them on the field, please come to the volunteer training Monday, March 30th at 6:00 at First United Methodist Church.  God used a conversation I had last summer with a Little League official to start the ball rolling on this endeavor! 

Last week was Dr. Seuss week at Hope and David's elementary school.  Hope loved all the dress up days and all the fun and learning. 

Saturday Hope was invited to a birthday party for a school friend to see the movie, Cinderella.  The girls dressed as princesses and Hope chose to wear Cinderellas wedding dress from her birthday last year.  The Cinderella movie is awesome and it is truly one of my favorites movies ever.  Disney rocked this one for sure!  We had a full girly day with some friends at the party and then at a stop off for some pizza. 

While the  girls were doing the princess party, my boys went shopping for baseball gear.  They came home with new cleats and this air soft pistol.  I am not a huge gun fan at all, but they are loving shooting at a target with a gun that really could not hurt them.  This picture of David cracks me up!

Even Hope had to get in on the action!!

This week we have really enjoyed the sunshine.  We hit our favorite spot, Hungry Mother park for some sunshine and outdoor play. 

Somehow this little girl found her way to the creek and accidentally "fell in" ":)
We are looking forward to fun on the horizon.  Baseball is starting for all three of our kiddos-Kyle playing travel baseball, David playing Challenger, and Hope playing Tball!  I never dreamed this time last year that David would have an opportunity to play baseball here locally in a league made just for him.  Only God could have orchestrated something this beautiful for our boy. God never ceases to amaze me with His blessings!  

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