Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No Worries Man - Day in the Bahamas

Our cruise took us to Nassau Bahamas.  It was very cool to wake up and see land as we docked in Nassau.  The boys really enjoyed watching out of our window in our room.  
Kyle was the most excited to explore the Bahamas.  He is our travel bug and loves to explore.  

As we were pulling into Nassau I spotted this lighthouse which reminded me of our Georgia mission trip and the amazing girls that were in our cabin.  We listened to the song Lighthouse by Rend Collective a lot while on that trip and we sang it one night in chapel.  "My lighthouse, shining in the darkness I will follow you" I smiled thinking of those sweet girls who so earnestly sought Christ that week in Georgia 
This is one of the funniest stories that happened on our trip.  Kyle is not laughing as loudly as I am, but it was funny.  We decided to eat a big breakfast off of the buffett before heading into Nassau.  Kyle and Pops had waited for ten minutes in the line to fix their plates exactly as they wanted them.  Pops headed to get coffee and Kyle was left with the food to hold the table while the rest of us were off fixing our plates.  Well, the seagulls decided to bully up against Kyle and they swooped in and took his bacon and some of Pops' food as well!  I happened to walk upon Kyle standing by looking bewildered as a flock of seagulls enjoyed his breakfast!  He was so mad but I was laughing!  I guess even seagulls know how awesome bacon is!  Ha! 
It has been a while since I had been to the Bahamas and it is so pretty!  
Instead of doing the pricey excusions Carnival offers, we decided to catch a taxi to the beach.  Rito our taxi driver drove us to the gorgeous Cabbage beach in his airconditioned taxi mini van.  
The beautiful blue water and white sand did not disappoint!  David was so excited!  
This little fish was excited too and took off into the water.  
It was actually the fourth of July when we were on the beach and I will never forget being in such a beautiful place with my favorite people enjoying the moment.  We swam in the warm sea for hours.  
Kyle decided he wanted to take a banana boat ride.  I walked with him down the beach with the money.  The boat driver told me to ride with him and he woud keep my change!  I could not say no and I climbed onto that banana boat.  It was a rough ride and I am still sore for clutching onto that thing for dear life.  I prayed to Jesus to keep me safe because the ride was rough and we were getting sprayed in the face with salty sea water because we ended up in the front. My bathing suit did not stay put exactly but it was a memory with Kyle we will never forget!  On the ride back we moved to the back and the ride was much better!  If you ever take a banana boat ride, sit in the back!  
Kyle had so much fun putting goggles on and diving for shells. 
The water was clear, beautiful and very warm.  
Mike is not a beach lover at all, but he played life guard from under the umbrella!  I will never forget spending the 4th of July on a beautiful beach with family,  What a great day!  

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