Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vacation Hangover

This past week I have suffered from vacation hangover.  The adventures of the summer have been so much fun and kept us so busy that this week when our suitcases were finally empty, I felt sad and droopy. God has truly blessed us with some amazing adventures this summer like the mission trip, camping and the cruise  
I did not have time to nurse my vacation hangover too long because we had another day camp planned with our church kids.  Friday we spent another full day at Hungry Mother State Park learning about the armor of God.  It is exhausting to take a bus load of kiddos to the park for a day but it is so worth it to hear them reciting all the armor of God.  I never take my volunteering duties in the children's ministry lightly.  Teaching kids about Jesus is the most important thing we can do for them.  
David and Kendall making some music! 
One of the kids favorite activities at the park is the critter crawl.  I am so thankful that my children's childhoods have included playing in creeks and finding critters.  

We have a short break from children's ministry activities to get geared up for Vacation Bible School coming up at the end of July!  I will be serving in the cafe again this year.  I love VBS! 
Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner before we loaded up and headed to the drive in movie to see Minions.  Hope and Sydney love their drive in movies and of course we had to cart along their dolls!  HA! We are blessed with some sweet christian friends for sure.  The drive in was packed!!  
This morning for worship the children were suppose to sing their armor of God song for the congregation for both services.  After staying out late at the drive in somehow we managed to get all the children bathed this morning and on time for church by 9:45.  I love that we attend a church that does not mind if our daughters hair is still wet :) 
Here is our baby girl singing her heart out- wet hair included!  We have missed church the last two weeks for travel and I have missed it.  Singing praise songs this morning felt so good-nothing can compare to being in God's house each week.  

David was so proud of his new shirt to wear to church today.  He has his own style for sure!  
The pastor started a new series on the book of James and it really hit home for me today.  Over and over I have been reminded lately that we as christians are not of this world.  We are here to show others the love of Jesus Christ.  Our neighbors need us to point them to Him and to demonstrate His love.  Amen.

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