Monday, July 6, 2015

The Time of Our Lives ❤️

We are home from our cruise to the Bahamas with GG and Pops.  We had no idea what to expect on a cruise, and we were certainly impressed! 

The kids slept on little pull down beds in our rooms and we called them our little elves on the shelf!  Going on a cruise is a wonderful way to relax and connect as a family because there is no wifi!  Mike was nervous about that but considering he took a nap most every afternoon, I think he enjoyed the time to relax.  

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip,  This is Kyle looking out the window from our room.  
Mike was very worried about being sick for the whole trip since he is prone to motion sickness.  He wore his little ear patches and he did great!  We were blessed with calm seas and beautiful weather except for about two hours the first night.  We hit a storm and it was rough and rocking.  We were trying to walk across the deck and Hope was getting blown around and we looked over and she was hugging this pole!  That is our smart girl! 
Hope in her sweet bon voyage shirt!  You walk on the ship and the crew is waiting for you with a huge buffet!  Oh the food....It was wonderful and plentiful.  
Our kids did not love the pool because it was filled with salt water.  It was also very crowded.  Our kiddos enjoyed the top level which had a waterpark full of slides and splash areas.  Here are Hope and David racing down the slides.  
Traveling with David is exhausting but amazing because life is a party with David.  He met this amazing kid named Max-they played and hung out for hours! We could not stop smiling and staring at them because they were so cute together.  Max is 14 and lives in South Carolina.  
Pops, Kyle, and Mike tried their hand in the cornhole tournament.  They got elimnated after the second round but it was fun.  We also enjoyed the trivia games and the comedy shows.  We love comedy shows!!  
This picture was taken on the elegant night.  Each night we would go to the dining room at 6:00 for a three course meal.  The food was so good and you can have as much. as. you. wanted.  Serioulsy, we lost count how many ice cream cones and slices of pizza Kyle consumed.  We would hit the water park early, eat a big lunch (of course) and then take a nap before getting fixed up for supper.  We joked that we were like newborns-we ate big portions every 2-3 hours  Ha!  
Hope enjoying using my dinner as a toy!  HA!   
We loved sea days at the waterpark.  The water was blessedly calm and the weather was beautiful but hot!  
Mike is not a big pool person but he did have fun hitting the water slides with the kids.  I love seeing him take off the superintendent hat and have fun and relax!  I promised him I would not put a picture of him in a bathing suit on the blog, but this does not count right-since you cannot see him?!  
Kyle!!  Kyle really enjoyed the food, the beach and the comedy club.  
It was fun to dress up and go the dining room each night for dinner.  The food was always wonderful and the staff was so friendly and fun.  
DAvid turned 11 while we were cruising and he told EVERYBODY he saw that it was his "birfday" and the wait staff inthe evening   sang to him:) 
Our last night we went to the upper deck to look at the sunset.  The weather was gorgeous, the sea was calm, and we were treated to a beautiful sunset.  What precious memories this trip blessed us with!  Time with family is precious especially when you are blessed with such a wonderful trip full of good weather, great memories, and tons of fun!  
Last night it was so calm that the kids would enjoy the putt putt on the upper deck.  Every other time we had tried to play in the evening it was way too windy! What a fun way to end the trip.  
Thank you GG and Pops, Carnival,and the beautiful sea for a vacation we will never forget! 

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