Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summertime Fun

Summer is flying by so quickly but we are working hard to squeeze as much fun in as possible.  Our school year calendar is so full and regimented that we truly love the unstructured days of summer. 
Each week at church a meal is served at lunchtime on Thursdays to anyone that needs it.  This past week was Kyle's youth groups turn to cook and serve.  Kyle was at basketball camp, so the littlest Robinson's and I went in his place.  I was worried that David would not do well, but the dude rocked it.  Hope and Dave are serving up some hot dog dinner plates and hopefully learning the importance of service to others.  We love because He first loved us.  

Thursday night was a total treat-Dave and I went to Kingsport Funfest with some of our Georgia Pookies to hear Brandon Heath and Tobymac.  The girls in my cabin from the mission trip came home with the name Georgia Pookies:) David was in heaven at a christian concert with these sweet and pretty gals.  IF you ever get a chance to see Tobymac do it!  His show is amazing and we had such fun praising God at Funfest. 
I am so happy that I have one child at least that loves a good christian concert like I do!  David is my concert buddy and he had such fun.  This picture melts my heart.  This dude loves music and loves his Jesus.  

He gave us a scare today with some intense bellypain and we spent a few hours today in the ER getting some labs done and an x-ray.  The good news is that nothing scary showed up in his labs or x-ray but he needs a good dose of Miralax!  Today sitting in that ER waiting for results brought all those yucky cancer feelings  and we were both scared.  Cancer is so sneaky because it will never leave you alone.  
Tobymac on stage!!!  It was hot but we had such a fun night with our Georgia Pookies praising God.  One of my favorite Tobymac songs says I dont want to gain the whole world and lose my soul and that song is so powerful to me.  All the riches, success, material possessions this world offers us are worthless unless we have God. 
Kyle was gone most of last week to spend the week with GG and Pops while he attended VT basketball camp.  We picked him up Friday and then spent some time on the lake.  David and Kyle on the tube.  
AFter some bribery we finally got Hope to try tubing and she loved it!  She kept asking to go faster until the boat was going as fast as it could!  HA  She is our daredevil:) 
Kyle had a great week at Buzz William's basketball camp.  Basketballl is definitely Kyle's love and he had fun with some friends at camp.  He won the slam dunk competition on the last day and he has a sore wrist to prove it.  Dunking might look cool but it is painful to the wrist:) The goal was lowered for this dunk competition!  Kye is tall but not dunking yet on a regulation sized goal. 
Speaking of Kyle's height, he has now surpassed me and has caught up to his Dad.  When and how did this happen is a mystery to me?! 
This week is a big weekend in Marion. Downtown has tons of awesome events going on and the Hungry Mother ParkArts  and Crafts Festval is going on as well.  It is really a fun weekend to see lots of folks out and about and David certainly enjoyed seeing these pretty gals at the festival.

Tomorrow is mission trip Sunday at church.  For all services tomorrow, the youth are speaking about their experience on the trip.  Kyle is reading scripture. I am so excited to hear how this trip has affected these youth now that they have had some time to ponder all that we learned and encountered. The mission trip has impacted me tremedously and I know God spoe to these youth on our time in the beautiful mountains of Georgia.  

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