Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week in review

We have had a busy week here in our household.  

I have been a blogging slacker this week because I  have been working very hard around the house on some crafty projects and home projects.  I made this little scripture canvas using my cricut for our new bathroom.  I love my cricut!
Our bathroom has desperately needed a facelift since we moved in ten years ago:)  It had flowered wallpaper and I took that down, Mike sanded the walls, and I repainted.  

My other crafty project included framing our familly mission statement in a scrapbook frame with a family picture included.  I desperately want our children to understand where our values come from and so I saw a version of this manifesto on pinterest, and I tweaked it and framed it.  

Friday Mike had to go Richmond to speak to the General Assembly.  We rode along and while he was in his meeting, I took the kids to Sky jump which is a trampoline park.  They loved it so much!  

Kyle spent most of his time dunking it!  This was really a fun outing that all three kiddos loved.  

I found my way back downtown to pick up Mike after his meeting, and I realized all three children had fallen asleep after all that jumping!  Ha!  
We love family road trips and after a late night dip into the hotel pool, the kids got their jammies on and we went to IHop for late night dinner.  They were so excited to go eat in their jammies:) 
Saturday we came home the long way to visit the UNC basketball museum.  I am not a bg fan, but it was really cool!  Yes, Kyle is almost as tall as his Daddy now.  
After we went to the basketball museum, the boys realized the football stadium was unlocked and  we went in the stadium.  David even wanted us to introduce him coming out of the tunnel!  Ha!  
Then we were so close to Duke, the boys wanted to stop there as well.  Both of the campuses are so beautiful!  We ended our road trip with some outlet mall shopping and made it home in time to catch the opening cermony for the Special Olympics on ESPN.
My heart was so full seeing my boys snuggled up in our bed watching this on ESPN.  I will never know why God chose us to parent David, but I am so thankful.  He has blessed all of our lives for the better.  Kyle and Hope often fight over who David is going to live with one day-it touches me that they both want him in their adult life.  

We ended this busy week with a baby shower/welcome home baby party this afternoon for some sweet friends.  Baby Dow was born late May and has been in the NICU in Johnson City since his arrival.  This week he is scheduled to be discharged and so today a party was held to help the Hall family prepare for his arrival.  He is truly a blessing and miracle from God!! Here is Hope at the party with Baby Dow's sisters, August and Laurel and kindergarten friend Aubrey.  

This week coming up is our Vacation Bible School for church.  Hope and David are very exciteed and I have been moved last minute to working with the sixth and seventh graders with local mission projects this week.  It is going to be an awesome but busy week!  

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