Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hard words

As some of you may know, there was a movie released by Dreamworks entitled Tropic Thunder recently that uses the word "retard" over and over again. A young man who is 26 years old with Down Syndrome wrote an editorial response to the movie in the Richmond times Dispatch. It is amazing that he could so eloquently put to words how that movie has affected him. I have (hopefully) provided a link to his article!

I talked with my friend, Lynn tonight who has precious 6 year-old Caroline with Down Syndrome. We both feel that this article that is so well written by this young man, will forever change us. He speaks of the loneliness that accompanies having a disability. One of the things that Lynn and I have often spoken about since we met three years age is that Caroline and David will have such a fun, full life. Lynn and I are very involved with our babies and frankly we will make sure that they will have an awesome life. Until this young man spoke through his article it never occurred to either Lynn or myself that Caroline or David could experience loneliness or feel the discrimination that is still unfortunately part of our society.

When Lynn and I talked by phone tonight about it, I told her that I so wanted to post this article on the blog, but I couldn't find the words to talk about it. His words will forever be in my head as David continues to grow and thrive. Quite bluntly, I guess Lynn and I both fell for the happy and jolly stereotype that often accompanies people with DS. To hear this young man speak of the opposite is really hard to read.

I know that God has an awesome plan for both Caroline and David, and that they are here by no accident. Both of these precious redheads have taught me more about life, empathy, true love, and joy than I could EVER learn elsewhere. They are a true litmus test for someone's character. I feel honored to have them in my life, but it is still hard to read the words of a young man that has lived a life with a disability.

Read the article for yourself (hopefully if I provided you the link!) and see how you feel about it. As a Mom of a precious one with Down Syndrome it was a tough read, but also a challenge for me and you to help this society to be more accepting and less discriminatory of people with any type of disability. I feel that God has placed these precious ones in our midst to teach us what life is truly meant to be like. Just like Jesus does not disciminate in His love for us, we should never hold back love and acceptanace from others.

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