Friday, January 15, 2010

Hope 7 Months

The 15th of the month comes around too fast for me. I cannot believe I had to pull out her number 7 decal today. Sweet Hope what are you up to these days?

* You have a new trick that your brothers are so proud of-you have learned to clap! You clap after EVERY bite of baby food I give you. Oh so cute, but oh so messy:)

* You are a mobile, wild girl! You literally move all across the floor now trying to get into everything.

* You are definitely a momma's girl:)

* You are eating three big girl meals a day with several nursings in between. You show no signs of wanting to wean anytime soon, and you love your baby food and cereal.

* You love your brothers and literally army crawl after them:)

* You love to be read to and have no interest in the Baby Einstein or Baby Faith DVDs.

* You are still nursing at least one time a night and I admit you are in our bed at night:)

* You had three shots this week at your checkup and you handled them beautifully. This week you weighed a little under 15 lbs (14th%).

* You are such a happy girl and we all love you madly! You bring such sunshine and joy into our lives:)

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