Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Because It Is Snowing

I love snow. I especially love snowy weekends when we can enjoy the snow and my hubbie is not up with the roosters checking radar maps and stressing about the snow call for the day:)

Here are some pictures just because it is snowing outside and I had a moment to update the pictures on the blog:) I love snow days where you are afforded the luxury of just doing whatever you want around the house:)

This morning I pulled out the walker from David and Hope loved it! I think these things might be outlawed and dangerous but do not tell Hope that-she is in heaven!

Is this picture not the cutest? Caroline, one of Kyle's friends came over the other day to work on a scrapbook. I love this picture of their teamwork on her Hello Kitty scrapbook!

David is quite the mess these days and life with David is never dull. Here he is helping Hope try a sippy cup for the first time the other day.

Look at this precious face...he looks adorable in his glasses and jammies, but the picture is showing that despite the angelic face, he is attempting to smother his big brother:)

But in the end it is all good...gotta love brotherly love!

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