Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Day

I love to take time and journal about pictures and memories with my kids. That is one of the big reasons that I blog:) I also love to do traditional scrapbooking, but at times I get bogged down in the fluff of scrapbooking and forget to focus on pictures and the stories behind them.

Anyway, we are snowed in today with a couple of inches of the white stuff. It is also super cold here. We are having a lazy day at home. Here are some cute pictures of the last week or so.

David as Bible Man! He got this getup from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Pam and he has really enjoyed the cape and mask. The mask is a little too big for him and I LOVE that he is winking from under that mask:)

Hope is really doing great with her sitting up! I can walk away from her now for a few minutes and she is happy as a clam. She will flop to her belly when she is tired and keep on playing.

Bible Man and Hope. Hope is finally starting to get into the boys' stuff and this morning I heard David saying "no no Princess!"

Sweet Hope is finally starting to feel better and we are so thankful:)

bible man David. He has really enjoyed running around in that cape today.

Hope got this cute ride on toy from my parents for Christmas and Kyle has been so sweet to help her ride it all around the house. It is so nice to have playmates around the house for Hope especially because I am in the thick of reading the book, The Shack.

I love that sweet face:)

On New Years Eve Kyle had swim practice and his coach sent some sparklers home from practice for working so hard. Kyle really enjoyed them on New Years Eve.

I love this cute sweater outfit that Hope got for Christmas and I LOVE a picture of a sweet, sleeping baby:)

Stay warm!

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