Saturday, January 9, 2010

Missing the World

I feel like I am in a time warp. A fun, crazy, lots of quality down time with the kids time warp. We have basically been out of school this entire week except for a few short hours on Monday. The weather this week has been brutal with negative temps and lots of snow. We have had snow everyday except for Thursday but don't bring that subject up around Mike because clearly he has had a stressful week making snow calls. God love that man-he has been through the ringer this week. Waking up super early to make snow decisions and then listening to parents rail him for his decisions. That man has a strong, forgiving character because I would have lost my cool several times this week and he stayed full of grace.

Moving on from the love fest of my dear hubbie, here is the family scoop. The doctor has decided not to do radioactive iodine treatment on my dear Dad because the side effects outweigh the benefits. I am having a hard time trusting that idea because frankly that is my Dad and if that cancer has any chance of spreading, then do it!! I will be trying to find another doc for them for a second opinion next week:) Call me a control freak that is fine:)

I think I need to call a talent agency for my daughter. I have uncovered an amazing talent in her this week. She must have super sonic eye sight because that girl will move across the room as fast as a non-crawler can to get a speck of something. I have never seen anything like it!

My boys have become big cooks over this break. We have created lots of goodies in our kitchen this week-I will always remember this time with them in the kitchen. Cooking can teach lots of good lessons-fractions, reading, turn-taking, and patience. I must say that my Kyle can now break and egg with the best of them. Paula Deen and her boys should be on the lookout because me and my boys just may give them a run for their money in the future:)

I think all this home time has made me a little edgy.

Maybe life will get back to normal soon. The kiddos and I have created some sweet memories over the last few days. We have played games, watched movies, cooked, and it has been wonderful to see them enjoy some down time. They have even been cooperative for me to get my treadmill time and even a shower everyday!! For my husband's stress level, I pray sunnier skies are on the horizon for us soon. Here are some cute, random pictures that we have taken over the last few days:)

Hope in her cute Elmo outfit from Chad and Net Net. I love it!

David licking the beaters!

This one needs an explanation. Kyle and David made homemade chocolate chip cookies last night. To be creative Kyle decided to make a gigantic cookie rectangle instead of individual cookies and I let him. Here is the final product. we cut it into rectangles and they were really good!

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