Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Why is my Dad hugging my toilet?? No, he is not sick! He is desperately trying to help me clean up from the Great Candle Wax Incident of 2010!!

This is what happens when you have a candle burner going in the bathroom and oops it falls off and wax goes everywhere. Yes, this really happened:)
Yes, wax is indeed inside of our circa 1989 toilet. Yes, it was the whole candle. Yes, I was truly sorry but I did laugh my head off! Mike, not so much.

Even sweet Hope in her sweet overalls shed a tear or two over this one. The good news is that we are laughing now and it is all cleaned up thanks to Mike and my Dad's patience with a hairdryer and scraper. God bless the men in my life for cleaning up my messes:)

Thought that you too could have a laugh at my expense today as well. On a bright note, our house smells heavenly with all that hairdrying good smelling wax and all:)


  1. It looks like Barney puked, or you've been doing "Purple Hooter Shooters"


  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I know that you told us - but I never imagined that it was that bad!!!! God Bless Mike and Pops!!