Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carrying On

We have been busy, busy bees around our household this Thanksgiving break. It is partly out of necessity to get our house organized and ready for christmas.  Last year my Mom and Grandmother decorated our house while we were in the hospital to have it festive for our return home.  This year we have gone all out because....

these two are soooo excited for this christmas season.  They were excited about everything that came out of the attic. 
They were my busy bee helpers helping me decorate the trees and we had such fun. 
Christmas decorating wore this little angel out and Friday night she fell asleep watching her christmas lights. 
I bought this ribbon two years ago and I am just now getting around to using it to decorate one of the kids trees.  I am a sucker for cute ribbon and this train/ABC ribbon melted my heart. I was able to make it into a nice bow topper for the tree. 
Despite the fact that Mike and I are extremely anxious about David's scan this Friday, we had lots of laughs around our house.  Mike and I enjoyed a night at a local restaurant for a leisurely meal with another couple and it was nice to have an adult meal at a nice restaurant we would never take our kids to.  The upside to having cancer is that David and the kids got some cool hats last year that they are enjoying pulling out.  It has been so cold this weekend that they got to enjoy them.
My decorating style is to just "throw it together" and I literally threw some garland, lights, and stuff around my bakers rack.  Martha Stewart may not come calling, but my sweet girl loved it!  We have read Christmas books, colored christmas pages, and decorated our entire house.  I love every minute of it.  I just pray the scan is clean this week and we can come home and enjoy it. 

Mike has organized closets, random drawers, our movies, etc.... I think we are both just trying to stay busy to keep calm about he scan Friday.  We are both nervous and scared but we trust in God's plan for our family. It is gut-wrenching to think that the beast called cancer could have crept back into our boys' sweet body and it rearing its ugly head again.  We are also always nervous about his kidney function.   We covet your prayers for David on Friday. 

I was doing okay staying busy and enjoying the kids until church this morning.  Our worship minister led us in some amazing worship and I was just overcome.  Jonathan gave the congregation a chance to pray at the altar and I found myself sobbing at the altar.  We are so thankful how far God has brought us and we trust Him with our family, but it is hard to not be scared.  Cancer is such an ugly beast.  

One of the songs that I have played over and over and over again this holiday weekend is Chris Tomlin's O Come All Ye Faithful.  The last lines of the song "we will praise your name forever" give me cold chills everytime.  No matter what the CT scan says this Friday we will continue to praise Jesus' name forever.

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