Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random News

I am too weary to try to put an eloquent post together tonight so I am going to summarize our crazy, busy week full of love.  Tonight we went to the movies and out to dinner to celebrate Ashley's birthday!  She deserves a whole blog post sometime soon because she is just that big of a blessing to our family.  She has been apart of our family for 4 1/2 years and most of our family memories involve her. 

We are surviving this week.  Mike has been at a conference this week and Kyle got braces:)  Hopefully tomorrow I can download some pictures from the week, but he looks like a pre-teen now with a mouth full of silver.

I have not had too much time to dwell on the anniversary of the nightmare, because I have been consumed with my house.  We have had an unexpected kitchen redo this week and even though I love all the new stuff, it is a lot of work to move stuff around, clean, and go through cabinets that have not been touched in a long time. 

This week I have spent my reading time at night reading past entries on the blog.  I love blogging because it is therapeutic and a way to share my faith.  The last year of our life has been such a blur that I am so thankful that I took all that time to blog while enduring the nightmare because now we have a running record of what we have been through.  Not only will it help me remember details that are now fuzzy,  this blog is such a testimony to the power of prayer. 

After David's surgery we would list how you, our faithful prayer warriors, could pray for David.  It was amazing to see how we we would be so concerned about an issue, ask for prayer and see the prayer be answered.  I have really enjoyed re-reading those posts from our early days at UVA even if the pictures are gut-wrenching to see.  I miss his red hair so much and his full little face, but we are just thankful he is here with us.

I have also been blessed with some amazing love this week.  The texts, emails, messages, and love have encouraged me through a hard week emotionally and one where I have single-parented three kiddos.  It is never easy when Mike goes away and because of the love of some great friends, I have laughed, talked, eaten way too much, and just enjoyed the company of some ladies that get me.  God has blessed me with some amazing friendships in this season of life. 

Misty and I also got to have lunch with another cancer warrior Mom this week.  The Thomas Musser Mr. Strong Walk is coming up December 1st.  We are so excited to be apart of this event again this year to raise money for St. Jude and to raise awareness of childhood cancer. I am not sure I am in shape to run the 5K but I am excited that this year David will be with us and that I will be able to walk it.  Please make plans to come out for this event again this year.  Misty Pugh and I will have some registration forms for the walk at First United Methodist Church.  I am very excited to update David's board with new pictures this year for the walk. 

I am weary tonight after single parenting this week, getting two preschool classes ready for a turkey program next week and an ambitious christmas musical in a few weeks.  My house is still a mess from the unexpected remodel, but I am feeling so blessed.  You all are such an encouragement to us and we are so thankful that you continue to hold our family in your prayers.  The next scan date is looming (November 30th) and needless to say we are nervous about this one.  This is the longest he has gone without treatment before a scan and this one makes me nervous. 

Despite the outcome we know that he holds us all in the palm of his hand and that our faithful God will be with us that day and always. 

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