Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Sunday

Thank goodness for the extra hour this weekend.  We did a little catching up on our rest this weekend not necessarily because of the extra hour but instead because we all went to bed early because we were exhausted.  The extra hour helped today in that we got lots done.  The kids all decided to get up at their normal time.  For example Kyle was up at the new 5:30 and the other two followed at 6:30.  Kyle loves to play a little XBOX but he is so busy and we normally do not let him during the school week.  So on Sundays lately he gets up so early that he gets a couple of quiet hours of just him and the XBOX. 

Our Hornet Basketball team played in a one day tourney in Fort Chiswell on Saturday.  Some of the boys played 7 games on Saturday.  Our 6th grade team did well and were within three points of winning second place in their age group.  Our 5th grade team won second place in their age group.  Kyle was so tired from the games yesterday that he announced he was going to be early and we did not even have to make him go to bed which is the norm these days.  David made new friends with a lady and two teenagers from Fort Chiswell.  He also played with several of the Hornet moms and dads.  His new thing is to find the last name of whomever he is playing with and tell Laura and I he is now David ____ and he is going home with his new family.  In the course of a weekend he can change his name 3 or 4 times :-). 

Laura did not feel so well on Saturday.  Dr. Clampitt believes she may have a kidney infection.  Seems a little better today and is on a new stronger antibiotic. 

Hope was her normal shy self around everyone this weekend.  She is wide open at home and loves to color, draw pictures, and write her letters.  I keep pressing her to find out which sport she wants to play.  She just announces that she wants to color.

With the extra time available this Sunday because of the time change and no Hornet Basketball practice, I took Kyle and David to play golf.  David loves to ride along with us.  We treasure family time together.  Off to watch the Steelers. Our family wishes each of you a blessed week.

Hornets with their runner-up trophy after a long day of basketball.  We love spending time with our Hornet basketball family during the winter.

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