Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweet Relief

After a long, long day at the hospital we received a phone call on the way home that David's scan was CLEAN!!!  No evidence of disease or abnormality was how the oncologist clarified it to Mike.  Praise the Lord we are so incredibly blessed with this wonderful news.  We were also so thankful that his blood pressure was perfect, labs were perfect, urine was squeaky clean, and that his creatinine has gone from .9 in September (not good), to .8 in October to .7 today!!!!  The kidney doctors goal for his Creatinine is to be under .7 so we are so thankful.

There is so much to share about the last 24 hours of our lives, but I must share that God's peace was completely enveloping us.  If you are friends with me on facebook you will know that I shared that last night on the trip down to Cville Mike brought his "cd collection" and that he choice of Cds to keep us calm and not stressed out was John Schneider.  Seriously, from 1987 I can't make this stuff up!

We got so tickled about his refusal to leave the 80's and his choice of music that we laughed and carried on.  If you were a fly on the wall you would have thought we were two crazy teenagers on a road trip instead of two scared to death parents taking their baby to face the dreaded CT scan.  That was Gods peace that allowed us to laugh and joke and breathe.  We actually had fun!

David LOVES having our undivided attention and he too was silly!  This morning when we arrived at the hospital before dawn he was given some Versed to make him loopy and it is a great amnesia medicine.  The staff was wonderful and not only allowed us to give him a quick haircut once he was sedated but got all the bad stuff over with while he was under so he did not feel any ouchies today.  Anyway, David refers to the CT machine as "riding the donut" so while he was loopy he made up a song about riding the donut and we were belly laughing at him!!  So instead of being stressed our pre-op room was rocking with laughter over our boy. 

So tonight we are home ready to enjoy three more months of semi-normalcy until we face the dreaded CT machine again in February.  Someone said to me tonight that they are so glad that cancer will soon be a distant memory.  I pray that happens but I also know we look at our lives in three month increments.   Sadly our lives will never be the same, but we are so thankful for days that we leave that hospital with good news.

Tomorrow we are so excited to attend the Thomas Musser Mr. STrong walk to raise money for St. Jude. I am very emotional tonight thinking that this time last year David was not able to be there and tomorrow he is going to be my date and help start the race!!!  Praise the Lord! 

Tomorrow night David is getting to sing in a children's choir with James Rodgers here locally at the Lincoln Theatre.  I cannot wait for a special night with some amazing people!!!! 

I am exhausted, overwhelmed, and oh so thankful tonight.  I told God last night that I would praise Him tonight no matter what the scan today said because He has been so faithful to our family and that I trust in His plan for our family.  So tonight I am thankful for a God that gives the peace that passes understanding, who carries us through the hard times and allows us to experience moments like today of total joy.  Good night from a happy Momma:)


  1. Praising God with you. Reading this post made my eyes tear up - I've been thinking of you and David and praying for peace and a good report.

  2. Praise the Lord. I've been trying to read this through tears. You have an amazing family.

  3. So, so, so happy to read this. I've been thinking of you all so much and praying for good news.

    Because he lives
    I can face tomorrow
    Because he lives
    All fear is gone
    Because I know
    He holds the future
    And life and is worth the living
    Just because he lives