Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday for Thanksgiving we ate well, laughed a lot, and enjoyed time with family.  Considering last year we ate chicken fingers in the UVA cafeteria, my Mom's meal looked like a magnificent feast! 

Today we have spent the day pulling out the christmas decorations and boy do we have one excited three year old!  She is over the moon excited and at one point today she was running between the totes of decorations yelling "I just can't control myself!"  Christmas is going to be magical in our house this year because of one little girl who is soooo excited!

Mike and I have done some shopping, have dinner plans with other adults tomorrow (shocking I know) and we are enjoying the time at home with our kiddos.  I can tell that the upcoming scan is on both of our minds, but yet we try to live in the moment. 

My stomach knots up at the thought of facing the CT scan again, but with God on our side, Whom Shall We Fear?  Tonight I made our calendars for 2013 based on pictures from 2012.  I broke down looking at the pictures of our boy over the past year.  I sobbed and wept, then I turned on some praise music  loudly and sang songs of thanksgiving to God.  Our God took that sick  boy and brought him through the harsh, but necessary chemo and radiation.  To God be the Glory for the work that He has done in and through our Rock Star. 

No matter what the scan next Friday says, we continue to trust in His plan for this family.  We know that through every storm He is Lord and that is the hope that we will cling to as we walk into that big hospital next week. 

Next Saturday; however, I hope you make plans to come and walk or run in the 3rd annual Thomas Musser Mr. Strong Race on December 1, 2012 in Rural Retreat.  Registration begins at 9 a.m. and registration forms are available at First United Methodist Church or you can register the day of the event.  Please read Thomas' Dad's latest blog entry about the event

We would appreciate your prayers for our family this upcoming week.  David looks great and continues to make us smile each day.  We are so proud of him and we know no matter what happens next week we will continue singing praises to our God. 

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