Saturday, June 22, 2013

Miami Heat, UVA, and Bridal Showers

This past week has been so much fun but oh so busy.  Kyle has been at Governor's School in Pulaski which is about 15 minutes from my parents house.  We also were there overnight this week for a bridal shower that I helped my Mom host. 

This little princess is getting into the wedding fun this summer!  She was excited to put on a party dress for the shower:)
We hosted the shower out on my Mom's porch.  The weather was beautiful and it was fun decorating with her colors of yellow and blue.  Hope and I had a minute to take a quick picture before the party started.  She insisted that we take a girls picture. 
This was the centerpiece for the table.  I found the vase in Pigeon Forge and we managed to make it home safely with it!  I used my Cricut to make a vinyl letter H (her soon-to-be monogram) for the vase.  We then took the vase to the florist who put these beautiful flowers in it.  Of course I also had to put some ribbon on the handle because I have a slight obsession with ribbon. 
David and Hope practicing getting married.  David and Pops hung out during the shower and really did not grace us much with their presence. 
This is about how old the bride was when I started babysitting her.  Casey and I used to have lots of fun together when I babysat her.  I also could not help but think that it seems like Casey was just this age and now she is getting married. 
On the food table we had cupcakes made in her colors (thank you April Moore they were delicious) and a plaque about christian marriage.
The bride on the left, her grandmother Mary Jane (who makes the awesome pillowcase dresses for Hope) and the bride's Mom, Donna. 
Hope and her new friend, Carly eating at the kids table.  We met Carly and her Momma Courtney back at Easter time and I had no idea until just recently that she will be Casey's sister-in-law.  It is such a small world!!
Halfway through the shower David changed into his Miami Heat getup because it was almost gametime!! 
Friday morning I slept in until 11!!  I have not done that in years, but it was so nice to feel rested.  I had gotten up early to get David ready for his UVA clinic appointment with Mike.  I stayed home this time and let the boys go and have boy time.  I picked the big kids up from their last day of Governor's School and we celebrated a great week with a trip to Randolph Park. 

David's clinic visit went well.  The lab draw was not too traumatic for him and the results were overall good.  His Creatinine is holding steady at .8 but his BUN was high which means that he was a little dehydrated.  We have a daily ounce goal of 60 for him but we are going to raise that a little during the hot summer.  It is crucial to keep his kidney happy and healthy during these hot summer months. 
This picture is precious to me!  David got to watch a little of the Heat final Thursday night.  He LOVES the Heat and Lebron and he was an enthusiastic cheerleader for the team.  He was so excited that they won, but we would not let him stay up and watch the entire game.  For David they "won" early so he could go to bed.  I love this picture of him cheering them on in his getup.  This picture even made the Friends of UVA Children's Hospital faceboook page:) 
Amazingly tonight we have another bridal shower for another cousin who is getting married.  I am loving all this wedding fun and plananing going on this summer.  Love is in the air!!  Happy Saturday!

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