Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Picture Dump

I love summer.  In some ways it is just as busy as the school year, but with all fun stuff.  Our days are packed but I am loving every minute of it.

Now that Hope is really four now, she is really into dressing herself.  This is the outfit that she put together for church this past Sunday.  Not bad:)
Kyle has been busy practicing for his upcoming All Star tournament that starts this Friday.  Monday night at practice he came home with this shiner.  The Momma in me freaked out I will admit, but the swelling is down some but it is now black. 
He did take a break from baseball and he and Pops went on a day canoe trip yesterday.  They went with several of Kyle's swim team friends and it was sponsored by Hungry Mother State park.  For $25/person they caught a van to Mouth of Wilson, Va and then canoed several miles down the New River where the van picked them back up and brought them home.  Kyle and Pops both had a great time on the river and the weather was perfect for them.  It was not too sunny with a nice breeze.  Local friends they do this same trip every other Tuesday if you are interested-I may do it next time)!  I love Hungry Mother State Park. They also offer a day biking trip on the Creeper Trail if that sounds fun to you.  Call the State Park Discovery center (276-781-7400) for more info.
While Pops and Kyle were canoeing, we went to storytime at the library. Our library is awesome and our children's librarian is even more amazing.  It is summer reading time and our kids are working on filling up their reading logs. 
AFter storytime and lunch with dear friends we went to the Discovery Center at Hungry Mother to buy our annual hang tag.  David and Hope had fun with the cool exhibits in there and they loved this bonnet:)
We are a Miracle Family for UVA Children's Miracle Network.  We have loved meeting other families and participating in fun events.  When we were asked we did not hesitate.  Mike and I both feel very strongly that after the awesome care that we had and continue to receive there that we must give back.  If we can help raise funds or awareness in anyway we are on board.  The balloon campign just ended and big businesses like Walmart, Food Lion, and Costco in the Charlottesville region raised lots of money for CMN.  We were asked to write thank you notes to the businesses to personally thank them.  I am not sure why this picture is sidways, but here is what David and I came up with.  He wrote the note and I added pictures right after his surgery and then a recent picture of him.  It is SO HARD to look at pictures from those first few dark days after his diagnosis and surgery.  But the scrapbooker/crafter in me had fun with this activity!

Last night was Hope's first tap and ballet class.  She LOVED it!!  We had to get fitted for tap shoes and ballet shoes when we got there and she was so excited.  The summer class is two nights/week for an hour.  She was worn out when she left there!  My sweet little ballerina:)

We are off for another busy day today.  Summer of 2013 we are loving every minute of you!

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