Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last Day of School 2013!!!

Friday was the last day of school for our school system!  The  kids were so excited but I was a little emotional.  This was the last day that Kyle will be in elementary school (gasp!) as he will be a sixth grader next year in middle school.  I also got emotional thinking that the last clean scan will allow David a fun summer without worrying about a scan again for  a few months. 

I spent the morning at Kyle's school for the awards assembly.  Here he is getting recognized for getting a perfect score on the Virginia SOL test. 
He also got a Presidential Academic Award. 
Here he is with his super sweet fifth grader teacher, Ms. Roark.  He has loved being in her class-she is so sweet and kind to all kids.  He really had a great year. 

The last few years we have had a tradition to go to Hungry Mother to swim on the last day.  The kids chose the country club pool this year which was fine with me.  Kyle had gone home with a friend to head to Virginia Tech to watch Tech play in a super regional game for the College World series. 
The pool worked out great because several of our friends were there and it was crazy but fun.  All of our kids were SO EXCITED to be there that they were wild!!  It was funny and we had such a great time.
Look at the joy on David's face!!! This picture is worth a million to me.  This is what kids' summers should be like-having fun in the sun with friends instead of spending time in the hospital.  I praised God over and over when I saw the JOY in that child's face. 
This picture cracks me up of the big group jump!!!
He even got brave enough to jump off of the diving board with his life jacket on.  Welcome summer-it has been a long time coming!!!

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