Sunday, June 9, 2013

Party Weekend

We have partied hard this weekend.  Saturday night we went to a surprise going away party for one of Mike's dear friends.

Today blessedly the rain held off and we got to have Hope's fourth birthday party here at our house with a few preschool and church friends.  She wanted a Minnie Mouse waterslide party so that is what we did!
This girl was so excited she talked a million words before the party could even start.  I am not believing that she is four already???!!! 
Life is good when you have sweet preschool/church friends.  Hope had such a blast and it was such a treat to see how much fun she had with her friends. 
GG and Pops drove down for the party.  Dave lured Pops inside to have some special time with pops and the Ipad. 
My one crafty accomplishment for the party!  I managed to make this Minnie Mouse centerpiece using styrofoam balls that I spray painted and I piece it together with skewers. 
This little lady had such fun!  Last year she hid her face when we all sang to her and this year she did not seem as uncomfortable.  She even managed to thank everyone for her gift and said to several friends "thank you for coming."  We are making baby steps coming out of her shell!
CANDY!!  Hope was insistent to have a Minnie Mouse piana (pinata) that had strings on it.  We found one in Roanoke several weeks ago. 
Sweet girls helping Hope check out all of her presents.  After years of thomas the Train and sports parties it is so fun to plan a pinky and girly party. 
We even had the rollercoaster out and the moon bounce.  Outside parties are stresful and I kept checking the weather radar.  Just as the party was over and we were putting the moon bounce away it started sprinkling.  We are so thankful that the rain held off and we got to celebrate our sweet girl turning four! 

Mike was the pinata man holding it up for the kiddos to pull the string.  Finally he had to help the candy come out:)

What a wonderful weekend we have had surrounded by friends and family.  We are so thankful to raise our kids in this community with such wonderful people.  We also wish Jeff well as he moves on to Waynesboro to lead that school system.  After all this partying this Momma is weary and ready for some rest! 

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