Saturday, June 29, 2013

Random Cuteness

I love dumping pictures off of my phone.  The pictures on my phone are the random slices of our crazy life. 

This picture was taken in the doctor's office for Kyle this past week.  After waiting for three whole days, I got nervous about his eye and wanted it checked out.  David has learned this new sign for "loser" and has used it liberally.  It is one of those things that we should discipline immediately but sometimes we have to turn out heads and laugh first.  He said that his Pops taught him this sign?!
This is a a terrible picture of David's crazy hair, but it shows the bruising and swelling on Kyle's face.  The nurse practicioner we saw sent us to the hospital for an xray.  She was concerned that it could have been an orbital fracture.  Blessedly the xray was clear. 
Hope has really loved her new ballet class.  This is a picture of a poster that hangs in the dance studio.  I loved it and had to send it to Mike:)  Mike is not as enthusastic with Hope's new ballet interest as she is:) 
It seems that this little girl has grown up so much in the last month.  It makes me sad but she at such a sweet age right now.  Here she is all ready and excited to go see Monster's University.  Friday was a rainy day here so we loaded up the kids and went to the theatre to see Disney's latest movie.  It was super cute. 
Kyle's All Star team started their tournament this weekend.  So far we have had two games with two disappointing losses.  I get very nervous watching baseball and frankly it is painful for me to watch for lots of reasons.  We still have two games to go. 
Hope is really into makeup these days and according to her "princesses always wear lipstick to the ballfield."  So she felt compelled to apply her own lipstick before we headed out to the ballfield this morning.  Bless her. 
This upcoming week is full of more baseball and the highlight of our week will be David's birthday party!!  I could bawl thinking about his upcoming birthday. Last year he was SO SICK for his special day and he could not get too close to people to have a party:(  He was still in the thick of chemo and he was really sick.  I am already tearing up picturing his friends this week at the Miami Heat swim party that he has planned.  I am overcome and so thankful that after all that he has been through he is still here with us and is turnng 9!! 

I love that David chose to read on his own on the way to the ballfield. I love this kid. 

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