Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ahhh Sweet Weekend

I am sad to see this weekend come to a close. The weather has been gorgeous, we have had lots of down time, the Hokies won, and we have had time together as a family. Mike's trip to Baton Rouge last week was great for him professionally, but it wore him out.

Friday afternoon David was complaining of his right side hurting, so of course we freak out because that is his "good" kidney side. At the pediatrician I was so afraid I was going to hear kidney infection, kidney stones, or a stomach virus. Nope, evidently when David's right side hurts that means he has a left ear infection! Ha! He is such a tough cookie that he never complained about his ear?! Today we have noticed dried goop coming out of that poor little ear:(

I cannot believe it is mid-September already. Fall is so beautiful and awesome here in Virginia and it makes me sad that it goes by so fast. Kyle and I are planning to participate in a mini mission trip to D.C. next month, I am a keynote speaker at a Women's Conference in Abingdon in mid-October, and we leave late October for Disney!! It is all fun stuff but our plate runneth over a little bit these days.

I am so thankful for weekends where the only traveling we do is to church and back. After last week's drama and stress, it was so nice to relax, rejuvenate, and be together as a family.

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