Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life Happens

Once again life is flying by way too fast!  This school year has started off beautifully for all of us and time is certainly flying by.  Mondays are Kyle's tennis clinic days at Virginia Tech (thanks to Pops for helping us get him there) and Hope has ballet and tap.  Tuesdays David has speech and Kyle has a local tennis lesson here.  Wednesdays the kids and I are at church for our afterschool program until dinnertime.  Thursdays are typically David swim days and usually both boys have a test or quiz to study for. 

I found myself today complaining about a full schedule and I stopped myself immediately.  I will take an afternoon at church teaching 35ish elementary-aged children about Jesus' forgiveness over a long and stressful day in the hospital.  I will always choose having three happyand healthy kids keeping us hopping because of their activities versus watching one suffer in the hospital.  Cancer is mean and fights dirty, but it has taught me all about perspective. 

David has had an ear infection this week and it has been nasty.  His eardrum actually erupted and he is on an antibiotic.  Poor fellow has not even complained about ear pain?!  Little germs have caught up with me and I too am on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. 

I found this little gem on my phone-Hope and David are playing "Jesus Dying on the Cross" game. Notice that Hope is driving the nails into David's hands.  These two are something else together!   
This past weekend we went to a sweet birthday party for Macy and I took this great picture of Caleb, Devin, and David.  David has a lot of big kid friends and these two are so sweet to him.

Today my children got a treat.  At church we run buses to the elementary schools to pick up kids for the afterschool program.  Jonathan typically picks up the kids at David's school, but today he had to preach a funeral.  I drove the bus today and surprised David by picking him up on the church bus!  It was a little out of my comfort zone to drive that bus, but I did okay:)  I had seven sweet kids on my bus-I cannot imagine a whole bus full of kids!  God bless our school bus drivers:)
Today I went to a funeral for a beautiful lady inside and out.  She fought a courageous battle against an aggressive form of cancer.  (I hate cancer).  Both Jonathan and another wonderful local pastor spoke of her faithfulness to God.  She touched so many peole by her love and sweetness.  The pastors talked about her leaving bibles out at her workplace and how she showed love to everyone.  It was such a beautiful service and such a great reminder to those of us left behind to stay the course in our walk with Jesus and to finish strong.  This beautiful lady did not want to be the focus at her own funeral-she wanted the pastors to speak of Jesus more at her funeral than herself.  What humility and grace!!!
Life is certainly flying by!  In five short weeks we will be heading to Disney for David's Make-A-Wish trip!!  Happy Fall!

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