Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Am Not at 3 a.m. Kind of Gal

The fact that it is 3 a.m. and I am up writing a blog post is a clue that this week has been brutal. Tonight (or rather this morning) I am up thanking God for Matthew 11:28-30 which reminds us to come to Him when we are weary and he will give us rest. I also love the last line where God reminds us that His yoke is easy and His burden is light so He is able to take on our burdens when we are willing to give them up to him.

In my prayer time this morning I rattled off many burdens that I am willing to give to God. Mike has been in Baton Rouge this week on a work trip. The kids have done well with him being gone, but it is harder when he is gone. We are a team and when he is not here I feel like my right arm is missing. We may be dysfunctional at times but we are a pretty solid team:) Thankfully he will be home today!!

Despite the fact that this week has been emotional and stressful, today was a pretty awesome day at church. The afterschool program started up and to see groups of kids getting off the church bus to come learn about Jesus made my whole week! The church is going through a major construction right now so it was hot, dusty , and humid but it was such a joy to talk about Jesus with those sweet kids. Of course David loved riding that church bus to meet me! Between preschool and serving in this afterschool ministry at church I pray I never take it for granted that I get to share Jesus with children. My house may be out of control at times, and I may forget an appointment or two along the way, but sharing the hope of Jesus with kids is my element!

Speaking of my house being out of control, my Mom (aka the organization queen) came down today with Pops and helped me tackle my built-in shelves. One of the ways that I am simplifying life is to be okay getting rid of "stuff." I just sold a lot of things at the Wee-cycle sale, today I donated lots of books to the library, and tomorrow/today I am delivering stuff to Goodwill. I am finding that decluttering really makes me feel awesome! My Mom should really start an organization business-she is great at this! My new mantra is "things do not make us happy so it is okay to get rid of stuff that we are not using."

I am so thankful for Jesus who carries us when our burdens are so heavy. I am thankful for good friends that make me laugh during stressful times, a job that allows me to teach children their ABC's and about Jesus, My Mom who is helping me declutter my life, my Dad who entertained Hope while we worked, my hard-working husband who will be home today, and my little babes who are growing up way too fast on me. I saw Kyle sitting with the youth group today at church and I just about cried!

Any locals that are interested in their children being apart of an afterschool bible club please email me and I will get you specifics. Church buses pick up from Atkins Elementary, Marion Elementary, and Oak Point Elementary School and deliver the kids to church. There is a snack and playground time followed by four fun and learning bible stations-music/drama, cooking, craft, and music. Pickup is at 5:15 at First United Methodist:) I will be there each Wendesday.

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