Friday, September 27, 2013

Birthdays, New Cars, and Pumpkin Patches

This week has been full of birthday fun for me and preschool field trips.  This week I turned 38.  Cancer has taught me that each birthday is a celebration and never to stress about getting older.  My actual birthday was a full day of preschool, teaching afterschool program at church, and Mike was out of town at a meeting.  It was kind of a stressful day (except for a fun lunch with some dear people) so I declared that the day after my birthday would be a do-over! 

On my do-over birthday Mike and I actually got to have a dinner date!!  It was nice.  We both have a lot going on right now, so I actually considered making a list of things we needed to talk about over dinner:)  I am such a dork! 

Today we had a fun field trip at preschool.  The Connors are church members that have a beautiful farm with fruit trees, christmas trees, bees, and a huge pumpkin patch.  They graciously allowed all of our preschoolers to visit this week and pick out a pumpkin. 

Before leaving for the pumpkin patch, we finished up our study of letter A with apple pie making.  Hope loved cooking the pie, but she did not eat much:)  We love to cook at preschool. 
Here are Hope and Olivia modeling their matching boots.  Hope chose her outfit for the pumpkin patch today-rain boots, a pumpkin shirt, and a black tutu skirt. 
Most of our sweet four year olds!  We made them pause for a quick group picture before picking out their pumpkin.  The Connors farm is so beautiful and they are so gracious about allowing church kiddos to come visit their pumpkin patch.  After we took this picture we counted down and yelled RUN!  They were so excited.
Hope picked out this small pumpkin and she wants to make it into a pie.  It will break her heart when I pull out the canned pumpkin to make our pie:)
Mr. Norman drove us on the church bus and all the kiddos were so excited to be on that bus and when we pulled up and saw all those beautiful pumpkins they could not contain their excitement! 
I must run and finish up this blog post.  We are trading in our sweet honda pilot and purchasing another car tonight.  Clearly it is time to trade our high mileage pilot in, but it has been a faithful and good car for us.  It has taken us on a lot of trips, gotten us faithfully to all those chemo appointments, and never has given us any trouble.  It is exciting to get something new, but I have a weird sentimental attachment to this car. 

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