Monday, November 18, 2013

Da Heat Game!

Saturday morning we hit the road for a quick overnight road trip to Charlotte to see the Miami Heat and the Charlotte Bobcats play hoops!  We were blessed with tickets by a dear friend and person in the area who has season tickets.  All five of us were excited to see Lebron in real life!

These kiddos were SO EXCITED!!! I have to admit that Momma was a little excited too!
When the Miami heat came on the court for the team warmup David was so excited!
LEBRON!!  I was stunned at how huge these guys really are.  Wow.
This Lady Cat danced right beside Kyle and he turned beet red.  I told Mike to quickly cover Hope's eyes so she will not see these scantily dressed gals as a role model.  Wow.  They can dance.
The game got close at certain points which was great because the Heat superstars stayed in the game longer than usual.  I was shocked I was allowed to take my camera in the game, but nobody ever said anything to me.
Josh McRoberts and Lebron on the foul line.  Our seats were so amazing that we felt like we were on the court! 
Lebron up and down the court!  David yelled his name several times and I am sure he could hear David, but he never turned our way.  He is such a superstar that I am sure everywhere he goes he hears his name.  There were as many Heat fans at the game than Bobcats.  That Time Warner Arena is goegeous!
The Bobcats mascot stopped by our seats to point out to my boys that they were wearing the wrong jerseys:) The boys loved it but Hope dove for her Daddy's lap!
The Lady Cats came out on the court with a new copy of NBA 2K14 to give out.  Kyle wanted one so bad he could taste it, but the kid in front of us (with a Bobcat jersey on) got one!  Santa is coming soon....:)
Lebron put on quite a show with lots of dunks, fancy moves, and hustling!  What is amazing is that these huge NBA guys are big and fast!  WOW!
Lebron!  When we were offered these tickets I was so overwhelmed and thankful to God.  Saturday night two years ago David and I were headed to UVA on an ambulance facing a scary immediate future.  Only our amazing God could turn beauty from ashes.  Two years ago we were sad, scared, and clinging to our Jesus minute by minute.  This Saturday were having a great family night out of town eating Five Guys and cheering on Lebron and the Miami Heat!  Only God. 

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