Wednesday, November 20, 2013

David's Stars of Hope

Sometimes there are moments in life that truly take your breath away. The entire week we were at Give Kids the World Village we were overwhelmed in the magic, hospitality, and love from the village. I am convinced there is no other place like it on Earth.

Our first night in the village we invited a dear friend, Meg, from my growing up days in Radford to meet up with us at Give Kids the World. She was so impressed with it like we were that about a week ago, she contacted me with a brillant and amazing idea. The village is undergoing an extreme makeover in January where 100 villas will be updated at a cost of $50,000 each.

Meg pitched the idea for us to create a David's Stars of Hope team, to raise money toward this makeover as a way to give back to the amazing place that blessed us with a magical family retreat.

So, would you like to be a Star of Hope on David's team to help us reach our goal of $5,000 by mid-January? Click on the link below to learn more about this amazing makeover at a place that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. You may donate directly to Give Kids the World through the link below.

Our family also wanted to support this fundraising goal and we came up with the idea of making star-shaped Christmas ornaments to sell with 100% of the profits going back to Give Kids the World.
We have worked like elves in Santa's Christmas shop making, painting, glittering, and package ornaments to sell to contribute towards the cause. David would LOVE to sell you one of our ornaments? They are $5 each:)

Do you work in an office that would love a visit from David to market his stars to you? Not only does 100% go towards our $5,000 goal, but this project is a great life lesson for David:)

We have had such fun as a family making these stars! We have a batch ready to sell if you are interested in purchasing:)

We are so thankful for your prayers and support during David's treatment and follow-up scans. Thank you for considering helping us reach our goal of giving back to such a magical place for children like David with life-threatening illnesses.


  1. Don't forget to stop by the school board office :-) I would LOVE to help out!!