Thursday, November 14, 2013


This week has not stung like last year but I have still been mindful where we were exactly two years ago. We were living life and the terms Wilm's Tumor and port-a-caths were not in our vocabulary. We were taking leaf pictures, celebrating Ashley's birthday, and getting excited for the holidays.

This year we once again found ourselves a big leaf pile for jumping! We now jump thankful that we survived and that Momma can do these pictures without crying.
This year we once again celebrated Ashley's birthday with a cookie cake a special visit from Jason! We have not seen him in a while and David always loves a Jason visit.

These sweet little faces....

I cannot believe how little these kiddos were when life was getting ready to change drastically. This was literally the day before David first uttered the words "my belly hurts." Ashley and I both attest that we can see the bulge on the right side of his abdomen?!
What a difference in two little years! We are so thankful that David made it through the ordeal and that most of it is a blur to him now. I will never be thankful for cancer but I am thankful that two years later we are stronger in our faith despite the uncertainty of the future. We will may not remember every single card that came in but we will never forget that feeling of love and community you all showered over us. We are committed to living our lives for God, giving back to the organizations that have blessed us, and loving our neighbors.

We will celebrate the actual two year anniversary of David's diagnosis day this Saturday in Charlotte seeing David's favorite Miami Heat player-Lebron James!!!!!! We are so excited to get out of town for the weekend, watch David's reaction to seeing Lebron and company, and hopefully Christmas shopping a little.

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