Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This might be the longest I have gone without blogging in a long while.  After that magical trip to Disney we are digging out of all the paperwork that has piled up around here and still trying to find places for all those gifts:)  I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking through our pictures and working on a digital scrapbook, and I am also anxiously awaiting my CD in the mail from Disney photopass that was shipped yesterday!! 

When we returned home to Virginia the cool, crisp fall days that I typically love so much bring me right back to David's diagnosis two years ago.  I will never forget walking back and forth to the Ronald McDonald house crunching leaves under my feet and needing a jacket in the mornings.  I guess for me, Fall will always remind me of the day our lives forever changed. 

We also just received his scan date in the mail and it is set for December 5th.  I will always be anxious for those and we covet your prayers for this one.  This is the longest he will have gone between scans and of course my mind always goes there-what if his cancer is back?  His stamina is still really low and we wonder if that will ever get better? 

I have not talked about David's hands and feet on here, but over the last month they have been peeling.  Not like a little papercut, but big huge chunks of skin are falling off of his hands and feet. It is bizarre, really bizarre.  His oncologist was puzzled and referred us to our pediatrician.  The pediatrician gave us a steroid ointment that we have used that has helped some, but we all wonder if this is a side effect of chemo?  No one can say for sure but it cannot be ruled out.  It is really weird. 

So, we are digging out from Disney, still savoring the memories and fun in our hearts, and anticipating a scan in the next month.  We do not know what the future holds, but we know that God will be with us.  I have spent a lot of time in prayer lately begging God for his peace, for His will in our lives, and that all five of us will truly seek Him.

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