Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Roundup

This weekend has been relaxing but fun. I am still looking over and reminiscing about our Disney trip. I hope to finish our digital scrapbook this week:) We did get our photopass picture CD this week and I shed a few more happy tears over seeing all the family pictures that were on that CD!

This is not the best picture of us, but how cool that fireworks are going off behind us from Cinderella's castle?! Wow!

Last week at our church after school program we talked about serving others and the big group of kids baked cookies for our local police force and the construction workers that are working hard to remodel our church. I LOVE service projects!

I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids create cards for the police. They were true from their heart and they were so sweet. One said "thank you police mans for helping me not be afraid of bad guys." I loved it so much.

Here is Hope and her sweet friend, Olivia at preschool Friday. It was pajama day and I thought the girls looked so cute snuggled under their blankets like grandmas:)

Here is another family picture in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom!

Yesterday we traveled to Radford to not only spend time with my parents and grandma, but we went to Virginia Tech to let Kyle play in his first ever tennis match. considering he has only been playing tennis about three months, he did awesome and he won! His local tennis coach, Ms. Bennie drove all the way to VT with her husband to watch Kyle. We were so touched and thankful to God that he brought Ms. Bennie into Kyle's life. He adores tennis!

My heart is also heavy for my sister-in-law Pam, in Shreveport. (She is married to Mike's brother, Daniel). Her mother died very suddenly and unexpectedly last week and tomorrow she will bury her mother. As Christians we know heaven is a wonderful place and that her Mom is rejoicing with Jesus, but it is so hard when things happen so suddenly.

This is also THE WEEK. This is the anniversary of David's diagnosis of cancer. Today we took fall leaf pictures just like we did the day before he has diagnosed two years ago. I cannot believe it has been two years! We praise God that David is still with us and that this year this anniversary does not sting as much as last year.

Hope your weekend was awesome!

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