Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The kiddos and Momma are officially on Thanksgiving break as of yesterday!  We are so thankful for a few days of family time.  We started the break by gathering Kyle's Hornet basketball team for a fun evening of pizza, cake, and a local college basketball game.  Kyle's birthday is coming up and he really wanted a fun night out with his hoops buddies. 

Kyle picked the menu of pizza, brownies, cookie cake and watermelon to eat before heading to the basketball game.  This group of guys is awesome and we know that because we have spent HOURS and HOURS in gyms with them all!  I love that Kyle has such great sports buddies and I was even more impressed with how awesome they were to David. 
This picture of my boys makes me smile.  David worships Kyle and Kyle adores David in between their typical sibling fights.  Kyle is never phased that David insists to hang with the big guys.  They treat David like a teammate and that makes me smile.
A group of boys ready to cheer on the Wasps!  We borrowed the church bus to transport all the guys to the game and they had a BALL riding together.  I have a new respect for bus drivers but we really had fun.  I spend so much of my time between Hope, preschool and afterschool church with little people that it is a treat to spend a big chunk of time with preteens. 
This morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow!  What a way to get into the holiday spirit!!  I tried my hand at a few Christmas pictures and this one was the only good one.  Mike had to work a few hours this morning but now he too is on break with us!!  YAY!
My attempt at a group picture-wow our kiddos are getting tall:)
They were so happy to be out in the snow!!  Sadly we had to come in and head to the doctor's office because David need day two of his injections for a nasty ear infection that has not cleared up on three different antibiotics:(  Poor pumpkin-three straight days of a shot in each leg is pretty brutal, but Rockstar is reminding us how tough he really is!  We are so hopeful these injections will clear up this nastiness that has stubbornly settled in his ears. 

We have spent the evening decking the halls with our christmas decorations, hanging out and relaxing together.  I LOVE thanksgiving and Christmas break so much because it is the only time during the year that we are off on break together. 

We are heading to Radford tomorrow to eat some turkey and catch up with some relatives in that neck of the woods.  Mike is determined to shop Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday eventhough I am morally opposed to it:)  We do have an anniversary date Saturday to shop together to celebrate fourteen years together!!!  WOW! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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