Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Today we are on snow day #9 around here in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.  The snow is beautiful and the temps have been super cold.  Yesterday we had a fun day with our neighbors.  Kyle and Tanner chose to hit the streets in our neighborhood shoveling driveways.  They were sore, tired, and had sweet little red faces from windburn, but they chose hard work over another round of xbox play which pleased us as parents.  Kyle fell asleep in our bed before 8:00 after all the shoveling:)
Meanwhile, my neighbor came over and we did some cooking together.  I love to cook and cooking with a friend while we got to catch up was precious. 
Before I launch into the next topic on today's blog I must post this disclaimer: I love my husband dearly and he loves me dearly but our marriage is not perfect at all.  He annoys me and I am sure on occassion I may have annoyed him a time or two.
Jonathan texted me this picture of my boys from Resurrection this past weekend after I shamelessly turned to Facebook Saturday night asking someone, anyone to capture a picture of my two.  I am married to a good man.  He happily chose to chaperone a group of middle school boys this weekend after being up before dawn many mornings last week making stressful snow calls. 
It would be so easy for him to use his job to get out of all the things he does in our kid's lives like coaching AAU, coaching Little League, helping with travel teams, refereeing Upward games, and chaperoning these boys to encounter Jesus in Gatlinburg this weekend.  He left Gatlinburg before communion Sunday morning to drive from Gatlinburg to Richmond, VA (8ish hours) to be there bright and early for an important meeting for his Superintendent job.  He returned home late Monday night after the meeting.  He is no spring chicken anymore and I know he was exhausted. 
Our kids are blessed that they have a Dad who juggles a stressful job (especially with these crazy and random snow storms that keep popping up) with being present and hands-on in their lives.  He is a tough Dad on all three of our kids whereI am usually the pushover parent with the kinder touch.  He takes parenting and faith very seriously and he feels very responsible for teaching our children to love God and to do the right thing every. single. time. 
The picture of Mike and Kyle at Resurrection makes me smile because they look so happy together  and I am so thankful that for Kyle's first experience at such a huge and personal encounter with Jesus his Daddy was there.  His Daddy was sleepy and dreading the drive to Richmond he still had to do,  but once again Kyle could count on the fact that his Daddy was there with him like he always is.

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