Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve!

Last night we gathered with a dear group of friends for our fourth anual progressive dinner.  Sadly illness knocked out two families:(  They were missed for sure. 

We started the night out at our house for appetizers and dirty bingo.  I grew up playing this game on Christmas Eve and we decided it would be a fun game to introduce to our new years party.  Basically you have a bunch of gifts in the middle of the group.  Each person lists five numbers on a piece of paper.  Then numbers are called and you can go get a present when your number is called.  If your number is called and there are no presents left in the middle then you can steal some one else's present.  Of course the kids had a ball! 
Kyle and I had gone to the dollar tree earlier in the day to pick out some random and fun gifts.  Kyle thought it would be funny to wrap up a plunger.  We wrapped it fancy in this gift bag and everyone kept stealing it from each other just knowing it must be a big and fancy prize.  When the game was over Brett ended up with it and we let him open it first-everyone belly laughed when they realized that it was a plunger!  David sat with Jonathan and for a while they had the plunger, here is David protecting it because here comes sweet Macy to steal it!  :)
Hope and Macy sporting the sparkly Disney tutu dresses.  These two girls had such fun playing together and Hope bawled when we had to leave. 
We are all so busy throughout the year that we do not get to get together often as a group.  New Years is always the highlight of our year because we have hours to catch up.  I love seeing Mike truly belly laugh like this.  We have some funny folks in our group that keep us laughing.  The kids all go off and play together and we can actually relax and catchup. 
After appetizers and dirty bingo at our house, we headed to another house for lasagna, salad, bread, and dessert.  We usually visit more houses, but last night we had to alter our plans due to sickness.  Here is the annual kid picture.  The girls played babies and Doc McStuffins and the boys played xbox or watched football on tv. 
The plunger was the star of the show!  The kids realized around 10:30 that the plunger would stick to jonathan's bald head!  He was a great sport about the kids all sneaking up behind him and sticking that plunger on his head!  We always share lots of laughs that will carry us through the year until we can do it again next year.
Sadly around 11:00 Kyle swelled and welped up due to an allergic reaction and I got sick due to an ongoing health issue that I am dealing with.  We had to make a quick exit before the ball dropped.  As always, we had such a fun time with such a fun and dear group of friends. 

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