Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Facts from our Week

1.  This has been our first full week of school for the kids and work for me since mid-December.  I am thankful for returning to a routine, but we have hit the hay early around here this week.  Mike has had to get up super early a few mornings this week to make a few snow calls. 
2.  Dave was super excited for Upward basketball to practices to start this week.  Here he is in the huddle with his team.  Jonathan and another nice Dad are coaches and Mike is actually refereeing the game this weekend!  Ha! 
3.  Sweet Hope Madeline has had a nasty stomach bug this week.  I have watched a lot of Disney Jr. TV shows, done a lot of laundry because she puked in not one bed but two last night, and done lots of heavy cleaning with Clorox in the hopes that David does not get this.   She is pretty pitiful.  I shared with one of my BFF's today that I am getting too old to be up all night cleaning puke!  :)

4.  My sweet grandmother (My Dad's Mom) was moved this week from the rehab facility to the hospital due to fluid build-up around her heart.  Congestive heart failure is not pretty and she is pretty miserable.  I have not gone up to see her due to Hope's tummy bug. 

5.  I had some major dental work done this week which I have whined incessantly about to my friends and coworkers.  I am a dental wimp for sure.

6.  The amazing news of the week is that WE MADE OUR GOAL for Give Kids the World!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support, encouragement, and love!  I love that thought that 400 plus star ornaments twinkled on Christmas trees this year with Dave's sweet little signature on the back.  We are amazed and grateful for your support.  Thank you Meg for the idea, your friendship, and love and for meeting us at GKTW back in October!!

When we get healthy around here, we are going to announce the quilt winner in a special way, so tickets for the quilt are still available!! 

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