Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Precious Girl

Dear Hope,
At your  last ballet class it was Parent Night which means that I got to actually go into the studio and sit and watch class.  Typically I peek in, but parents stay out in the waiting room.  It was such a special night to come in and sit and watch you.

I could not stop smiling and marveling that the little girl with the lopsided bun and sweet smile was mine.  After years and years of sports, it still blows my mind that I have a little ballerina!

I also could not contain the lump in my throat watching you dance, twirl, smile, and tap.  I wish I could keep you as this sweet little four-year old forever, where I can protect you from the harshness that life may throw at you as you grow and mature. 
First off, I want you to know what Jesus says about you.  In Psalm 45:11 he says so beautifully "The King is enthralled by your beauty, honor him, for He is your God."
Did you hear that baby girl?  Jesus thinks you are beautiful and we do too.  In this age of social media I worry that this truth that you are beautiful to the One who made you, will be easily forgotten.  I know you will be tempted to make poor decisions in an effort to get a few more likes on Facebook or something similar, but please sweet girl, trust us on this.  You are beautiful and you need to be strong in convictions so that you do the right thing when faced with a decision that can have a negative outcome. 

Please know that Jesus cares way more about your heart than he does your jean size.  He wants you to use that sweet heart He gave you to love and serve others.  I know you are also going to be tempted to do some pretty dumb things to get the attention of certain boys down the road.  (I too made some silly mistakes in this department and would love for you to learn from my silliness). If you are going to spend time with a guy down the road,  please make sure he loves Jesus.  If he does, he will be more likely to treat you the way we want you to be treated. 
You are so precious and special sweet girl.  Please never forget that Jesus is truly taken by your beauty, because after all He made you and created you.  He gave you those curls that I pray you always will appreciate.  The confidence you exuded the other night at ballet I pray will be with you always as you carry His truths in your heart down the road.  Mommy, Daddy, and most importantly, Jesus is enthralled with your beauty.  May your life honor Him as you use the gifts and talents He has given you to point others to Him.
p.s. Modesty is really a wonderful thing.  I pray that the style favors more modest trends as you get older because your Dad and I are not going to let you dress like a hoochie Momma.  I see many battles in our future if half-naked selfies are still popular in a decade or so.  Trust us on this.
Love, Momma  (aka dance Mom!) 

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  1. Love...just love. As a mom to a new baby girl after two rotten boys!