Sunday, May 18, 2014

Farm, Parties, and Roasts

This weekend has been full, emotional and really fun. Our weekend started Friday with a preschool field trip to the farm. It was freakishly cold but our preschoolers had such a wonderful time.

Hope and Olivia.  Who would ever think we would need hats and jackets in mid-May? 

David's class was having a test that he had already taken, so he got to visit the farm with us!!  I would love for one picture for David to smile his sweet smile :) He thought he was the teacher's assistant:)
Here are Hope, Sydney, Grady and Andrew petting one of the new baby cows.  I could not believe my prissy girl touched one, but she loved it!  What a wonderful experience for these kiddos. 
Saturday while Kyle and Mike went to a baseball tournament, I did the birthday party tour with Hope, Sydney, and David.  These kids, bounced, skated, and ate a lot of junk food in a few hours.  These two girls are very social and love partying with their preschool friends. 
Because of his kidney, David cannot skate.  He did not care, he was Hope and Sydney's personal hand holder.  This is a motley crew!

After the birthday fun we then headed to the Little League field for one of Hope's tball games. After watching Mike coach boys all these years I got so tickled watching him warm up my team of six little girls.  We  have a sweet little team, and thankfully one of the other Moms actually knows what she is doing so she does the true coaching.  I just cheer and send out parent emails:)

Hope and one of her teammates, Spencer.  Blessedly Spencer's Mom knows ball and she does the real coaching!  It has been a fun experience for Hope and she has LOVED ball.  It was so cold Saturday that I texted the other coach asking if we should cancel.  Hope said "no Mom please lets play!"  We may have a little ball player on our hands:)

Tonight I headed to church to participate in a pastor "roast" of Jonathan and Suzanne because they are leaving our church.  I am devastated they are leaving, but to make the goodbye easier to handle there was a dinner and a roast tonight. 

I was asked to be one of the speakers and I worked very hard on my speech.  It is tricky business to roast your dear friend and her husband the pastor in front of most of the church.  I wanted to be funny but I did not want to hurt their feelings. 

Thankfully with the speakers roasting the Jonas family we laughed a lot tonight.  This is such a sudden move for them, that we are all in shock still.  Laughing is good medicine for us all.  I talked about how clean and new the parsonage kitchen is going to be when our new pastor moves in because Suzanne has not used it much for cooking:)  I joked that our county meals tax is going to take a hit when their family of six leaves town. 

I joked about how Mike and Jonathan are total historic nerds and that we have to have "learning opportunities" on every vacation to read historical markers and visit museums:)  We all joked about Suzanne's love of shopping and how one time we were suppose to be chaperoning a third grade trip to the zoo but Suzanne had to "try on a few things" and we were 45 minutes late getting to the zoo! 

This picture is terrible because by the end of the night we had all been crying and we were so sad that this is really happening.  Grace took this picture of us tonight after we had cried and laughed all of our makeup off:) My heart is so full with all the fun and memories we have had and it was good to share some of that tonight. 
God has blessed our family with some wonderful and true friendships.  Life is hard and stressful and I am so thankful for loyalty, love, and laughter of true friends. 

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