Sunday, May 11, 2014

Great Are You Lord

Mother's Day weekend 2014 has been busy but full of sweet times.  The weekend started off on a special note with our Preschool Mother's Day Tea on Friday.  Since I am already there as a teacher, Hope wanted to invite her GG to the event.   As a teacher this event is a lot of prep work but it is one of our favorite events.  The children get SO excited to be little hostesses for their special person. 

We served cucumber sandwiches, fruit and cookies with special coffee punch or sweet tea.  The children sing for their mommies and their special artwork is their placemat. 
Three generations! 
Here is the placemat that Hope made with her sweet handprints. 
One of our gifts to the mommies is a special recipe book.   I ask the Moms in advance for a recipe.  We take a picture of each child in our play kitchen at preschool with a chef apron and hat on.  I interview the child about the recipe like how to make it, who eats it, etc... and they are usually hilarious.  Here is Hope's recipe for sugar cookies. 

This morning we went to church.  We are in our second week of God's Not Dead series and it is so good.  The praise band rocked one of my favorite songs this morning and it was so beautiful. 

All the Earth
Will Shout Your praise
Our hearts cry out, these bones will sing
Great Are you Lord!

I love that song so much and it ministered to this emotional, hormonal, and still feeling yucky from bronchitis Momma. 
Besides the mother's day tea on Friday Hope  and I were invited to another special tea party on Saturday with some friends.  The Mom who hosted put a lot of work into this special little girl/Mommy party-here is the gorgeous table! There were fairy wings and wands on the back of the chairs that the little girls got to take home. 
It still overwhelms my heart that after so many years of trains, trucks, and balls, I have a little girl.
The sweet little tea party friends.  All the girls dressed up and it was so fun to eat fancy food at a fancy table! 
Today after church we went to Radford to visit my Momma and to eat some of her cooking.   I love her potato salad and she fixed that today for our cookout.  My Great Aunt was there as well as my grandmother. 
I am so thankful to be a Mom.  It is the hardest job ever but I am so thankful that God gave me two crazy boys and a sweet girl to mother.  Somedays I nail it, and some days are epic fails but no matter what, my children know that they are loved here at home and that their Jesus loves them.  No matter what comes our way, Great are You Lord!

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