Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014

I love Memorial weekend-it is the official start of summer and we were so excited!I cannot believe the weekend went by so fast and we are packing backpacks for a few more days of school.

The big news for our family is that the pool near our house opened!!  Kyle is just a little bit excited about this. 
So was this little fish. 
My pictures are totally out of order, but here is our little ballerina after her big dance recital!  We were SO proud of our shy little girl that did not look the least bit shy up on that big stage. David loved watching the recital, but kyle was bored:)  I told him to buck up and put a smile on his face because Hope has been to many of his travel games and he would support her just like she has supported him her whole life.
The grandparents and great-grandmother met us there to cheer our little ballerina on.  We celebrated with a yummy Cracker Barrell dinner after the show.
The boys and the ballerina!  They brought her flowers for her debut recital:) 
Today our awesome town put on a Memorial Day parade.  It is really one of the best parades I have ever seen.  Kyle and Hope walked the entire parade route with their Marion Little League friends. I love that Memorial Day is stressed so much in this area and that my kids understand what this day is truly about. 
Hope walked with these girls for most of the route! I could not believe she did it all.  She has loved every moment of Tball!
After her big parade walk, she then went to our local VFW post and sang with church friends for the program.  Our VFW is active and every Memorial Day they have a program with a hot dog dinner afterwards.  Here is Hope singing God Bless America! 
Here is our little dancer in action!  It is such a joy to see her personality come out. From singing at the VFW today, to dancing her heart out in her recital, I am amazed how far she has come.  Welcome summer-we are so glad you are here!

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