Friday, May 9, 2014

God is Good

This week has been brutal with bronchitis for me, sore throat for david, Mike out EVERY evening for work, SOL test studying, and stress.  This week has been a blur but here are some random facts from the week because I am too tired to write in normal paragraphs:)

1) I am still in utter shock that the Jonas are moving.  I did get to meet to the new pastor yesterday who had such a wam handshake and kind eyes.  You can tell a lot about a person from their eyes.  God is good.

2) Bronchitis is not pretty for an asthmatic like me.  Zpacks are fabulous. God is good.

3) Dave worked SO hard on his SOL reading tests and we could not be  prouder of his effort and attention to the test.  He utterly amazes us.  God is good.

4) I received three separate compliments about Kyle this week out of the blue.  Considering the fact that he is a preteen, a boy, and hormones are starting to rage, I was so appreciative and blessed to hear that he acted in a mature and kind way away from us three separate times this week.  He was rewarded by being able to go to a boys night at Macados to watch the draft.  God is good.

5) Several friends are going through some hard times right now.  I felt blessed that I was trusted in confidence to hear those struggles and to pray for them.  Life is hard, but God is good. 

6) Raising a special needs child who now has lifelong medical issues because of his stupid cancer is hard.  God continues to bless us with some amazing professionals that take great care of him and even laugh when he texts them!  Dave texted a doctor yesterday to "call him" and she did!  Ha!  Life is never boring with David and God is good.

7) SOL tests are brutal but they also mean that summer is oh so close!!  God is good.

Those are only the clearer images and bullet points from an emotional and stressful week.  No matter what happens today and everyday, God is good!  Happy Friday!!

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