Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Festivities and The Story

I love  Holy week!  I am blessed that between two different preschool classes, our afterschool children at church, and my own kiddos at home, we get to talk all week about Jesus and how in one short week we went from parading into Jerusalem on that donkey to dying a cruel death on the cross. 

After school at church Wednesday, we made resurrection rolls which are a wonderful visual that when the rolls are baked Jesus truly is not there!  They are also super awesome to eat. Here is the recipe and explanation how to make them:)
I have made them for years with preschoolers, big kids, and even the youth group made them last year. 

This little bunny loved all the easter festivities at her school.  She has an awesome teacher that makes every day so very special in kindergarten. 

Yesterday we had a fun family day here at our house.  GG and Pops came down for the day and we had such fun.  The kids colored easter eggs-Hope is still at such a fun age!  Pardon the Halloween table cloth:)

David and his best friend, Pops! 

We have been coloring easter eggs on Good Friday for twelve years now!  I know I will miss these days when my kiddos grow up:)

Instead of bringing the kids more easter candy that they really do not need, GG and Pops brought them this cute little greenhouse and seeds.  GG and Hope planted squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers to grow in our little greenhouse.  Hope had  blast with it!!  What a cool and creative alternative to candy. 

Even though I have made a bazillion resurrection rolls this week, my own kids wanted to make them at home!  Hope rolled "Jesus" in the butter and cinnamon/sugar recipe and then we sealed him up in the tomb.  David and Kyle just wanted to eat them.  Kyle spent a good portion of time Friday afternoon at church with the praise band practicing running the projector for the Story last night.  He got home just in time for the rolls to come out of the oven!

After a fun crafting afternoon with GG and Pops and yummy steaks on the grill, we headed to church to watch the praise band perform The Story.  I really do not have the words to express how amazing this show was last night.  The Story told the life of Jesus through song based on different perspectives from the bible.  I was so proud of these musicians using their talent and gifts to bring glory to our God.  It was  a beautiful and powerful service. 
Of course, David had to show some love to his favorite guitar-player, Casey Price!  Casey and his sister Emily performed last night and they were amazing.  I am also in awe of how Bryan pulled all of this together and led this group to perform something of this magnitude.  We sat in front of Bryan's family and that was an added bonus of awesomeness!
I was very proud of my Kyle.  Kyle was a quiet and unseen part of the praise band last night running the projector for this event.  He ran all the videos for the event and all the lyrics for the songs.  It is not something I am knowledgeable enough to do, but with two practices under his belt, he did it beautifully last night. 
I had a hard time choosing my favorite song to feature here on the blog from The Story.  I love Be Born in Me about Jesus' birth but I also love this song Alive from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. 

Thank you praise team for providing us all with such a blessing on Good Friday.  Thanks to GG and Pops for coming down and having a fun family day with us.  Thank you to Kyle for making me proud and using his technology talents for God.  Thank you sweet Jesus for enduring that terrible death on the cross for our sins.  Amen!

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