Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Heart

This afternoon Mike called me and notified me that one of our challenger baseball players had won the Little league District 1 courage award. I was so excited and scrambled around to notify his family to be there for the ceremony. 
I had my good Nikon charged and ready because I knew I needed to take pictures for the newspaper. I had on denim shirts and an old shirt when mike came home to get us for the ceremony. I did not think it mattered what I wore because I imagined myself taking photos in the background. Mike nicely suggested that I should put on something nicer because Mikey's  family may want a picture of me with him.  Needless to say I was stunned when my name was also announced to receive the Challenger award and it made perfect sense as to why my husband sweetly suggested I needed an outfit upgrade :)
Here is Mikey getting his award. I think he was generally overwhelmed with all the attention! As I am typing this happy tears still are in my eyes. Special needs children do not have many opportunities to receive recognition and to see all those players and fans rooting for this kid who has melted all of our hearts just touched me. 
I am touched to receive my award but the real joy is in knowing that Challenger was ordained by God and I was simply  chosen as the one He used to to do the legwork on it. These amazing special needs children are a gift from Him to teach us all some important life lessons like love, patience, joy, and His glory. 

Mikey was a little overwhelmed and emotional about all the attention he received tonight. Watching him bat each and every game is a memory none of us will ever forget. 

Each and every game Mikey would insist to bat independently. He has severe CP and it takes great effort and focus for him to lift that heavy bat and hit that ball off of the tee. His ball never went more than a foot or two but for him it was a home run- look at the joy on his face!! When I am  old and gray one day Rocking on my front porch, will never forget watching this child be a ball player. To God be the glory! 

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