Tuesday, April 20, 2010

David News

I just wanted to do a little update on sweet David and his little hip. Last week we noticed that David was walking and running with a limp. After watching him a day or two, we took him to his doctor. The doctor felt that it was a soft tissue bruise and prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the pain.

Over the weekend we noticed that the medicine did not seem to help and that actually his limp was getting more pronounced. We emailed with the doctor over the weekend and Monday morning we took him to the hospital for x-rays which were negative. So today poor Mike took him back to the hospital for blood work. I know that was a hard job for Mike to hold him down, but thankfully we got the blood drawn. As of today we know that the strep test was negative and his thyroid (that we should check annually) was fine.

Because of his Down Syndrome we know he has a high pain tolerance. Couple that with his inability to clearly articulate to us what is wrong breaks my heart. He has consistently pointed to his right hip as the spot that hurts and as of this evening he has started asking us to carry him places.

Over the weekend I perused Webmd which was NOT a good thing for me to do. I am trying to rely on faith and remember that he is in the hands of The Great Physician. We are waiting on the rest of the blood work to come back tomorrow and then we will talk with his doctor about what is next. We covet your prayers and I will update as I know more:)

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